Help choosing rides for Fast Pass or just in general

unbelievably, my 60 days is almost here (Wednesday). I spent tons of time researching for dining plans and hotels and somehow don’t have touring pans or fastpass picked out yet. The thought of searching through all of the attractions and rides to figure out the best things to do is filling me with dread.

Can anyone suggest fastpass for all 4 parks based on this criteria:

  • I don’t want to run around chasing attractions all day. I want to pick 3 fast passes a day, and then do whatever else doesn’t have a line and try to use a touring plan to accomplish that. We do not plan to stay in the park from sun up to sun down.

  • I am not that bothered about getting the fast passes at a certain time and I honestly don’t have time to plan for it at this point.

  • The kids are almost 2 years old and 8. Both boys. Big gap and hard to plan for. I imagine my husband with take the 8 year old on most rides and I will take the 2 year old.

  • 8 year old does not like big drops or scarier things.

  • I don’t want to rope drop anything because of dining reservations and my desire to NOT make myself crazy on this vacation. I want to keep the schedule as flexible as possible.

  • My son definitely wants to do test track and everything else is up for grabs.

our schedule is :
Sunday (Nov. 27)- arrive and visit Epcot late afternoon to evening
Monday - Animal kingdom - arrive after breakfast
Tuesday - magic kingdom - crystal palace breakfast and then touring to mid afternoon - mickeys bbq for dinner
WEdnesday - Hollywood studios - arrive for early 11:00 lunch at hollywood & vine - stay to fantasmic
Friday - Magic Kingdom - arrive mid afternoon to MVMCP

I appreciate any help!

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You should make yourself some touring plans, and have the optimizer suggest some FastPasses.

The main TouringPlans website should give you guidance about what the attractions are about.

It would be pretty impossible for us to plan your attractions for you. I’m sure anybody could tell you want they like, but only you can guess what you’ll like. If you still want somebody else to choose for you, check out the pre-made touring plans; the Whole Family plans might be a good place to start.

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I got that. I don’t need anyone to make a touring plan for me.

If anyone can just suggest what 3 rides people typically try to get fast passes for at each park that would help.

That’s sort of my point. It depends completely on your plan.

There are some if-then type rules, but it depends what you want to ride, (and you want us to decide that, too).
If you want to ride Frozen Ever After, you will need a FP or more than an hour to wait in line.
If you want to ride 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, you will need a FP or a long wait in line.

The Touring Plans FastPass+ Info page has links to advice on FastPasses for each park, including recommended FP’s to get:

You are asking a very general question, and for anyone to answer with any detail, they would have to virtually plan for you. If you have any more specific questions, the forum can help you. For general stuff, the main Touring Plans website is the place to go. You definitely have time to plan at this point, even if your 60 days is on Wednesday.

  1. Go and copy one of the existing plans. The Whole Family ones are set up for different ages in your party, so you might pick one of those.
  2. Set the hours to the hours you want to be there.
  3. Slide the wait-vs-walk bar all the way to Avoid Walking, so you’re not zig-zagging back and forth.
  4. Adjust the walking speed
    5 Plug in your ADRs
  5. Delete anything your kids won’t tolerate
  6. Optimize the plan.

That will take about 20 minutes per park day, and it should improve your vacation immensely. It will suggest attractions where FP will save you time. If you’re burned out on planning after hotels and dining plans and so on, that would be good enough.

At EPCOT, I would FPP Test Track, since you say that’s a must-do for your son. You could also do Spaceship Earth (fun for the whole family) and Mission Space (height restriction on this one, and your 8 year old might want to stick to the green side if he doesn’t want to do anything too rough). for your 2nd and 3rd FPP there. You don’t really NEED FPP for those most of the time, but it can be nice to save a little extra time. Other good options (I think) are Turtle Talk and Figment (though you usually don’t have really long wait for either of those).

At MK, take a look at the “most frequently used FPP” list on TP. We usually try to get FPP for the following attractions: 7dmt (won’t ride without FPP - not worth waiting, and my littles melt down if we have to stand in line longer than about 20 minutes, also height restricted so 2 year old probably can’t ride); PP: Buzz Lightyear. Enchanted Tales with Belle is a good one to FPP (and my whole family really enjoyed that one, even my son) if that appeals to you. Winnie the Pooh might be a good one, as it gets somewhat long lines later in the day and you don’t want to do rope drop. My kids love Pirates and Haunted Mansion. We also usually FPP the “mountains” when possible (Space, Splash, and Big Thunder) but they all have drops and are roller-coaster(ish, I guess, depending on your perspective).

At AK - EE is a roller coaster. But its a good FPP. My kids love the DINOSAUR ride, but its pretty bumpy and dinos jump out at you. That’s a good FPP. We love to FPP Kiliminjaro Safaris so we can ride twice at different times of day. We also do Kali River Rapids (Depending on the time of year we go - in summer the line gets long, and its outside so you just bake while you wait, and the ride is too short to be worth a long line.) We do this to avoid the line and to do the ride right before we plan on leaving for the day, because we always just get soaked. Last time I rode, I was drenched to my underwear. It was soggy…

At HS, I would definitely recommend TSMM for your group as your tier 1, or a FPP for F!. You might also like Star Tours, and/or priority seating at a show, like Indiana Jones or Muppets. Tower of Terror is also a tier 2, but if you don’t want rides with big drops, that one is out.

I also second the advice to make some touring plans if possible, before you reserve your FPP. That will help you get them at the times that you need to prevent having to walk around alot. At least try to have some idea of when you want to do what. Like, look at a map and see which way you want to work your way across the park.

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AK: Safari, Expedition Everest, and a show Nemo or Lion King
EP: Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Turtle Talk with Crush
HS: Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, and a show Indiana Jones or Frozen Sing-a-Long
MK: Seven Dwarfs mine train, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean
MK: Peter Pan, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh

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Based on your description, I would recommend the following (of course, modified however you like!):

MK: Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan. If you think they’d like better, you could also try for Pirates of the Caribbean or Tomorrowland Speedway instead. But of these, PP is the only one you should absolutely FPP if you want to ride it. My younger one also likes the Barnstormer, a very small coaster. To minimize walking, you could focus your time on the many rides in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland and keep picking up more FPP on the day of after you use your first 3.

EPCOT: Test Track would be your tier 1. I would recommend the Nemo ride and Turtle Talk w Crush (which you can Tier 2 FPP) , Figment, and maybe you and your younger son would want to do a character meet for your Tier 1. These are all in Future World so you would minimize Epcot walking.

AK: I would FPP Safari, Festival of the Lion King (both in Africa), and either Kali River Rapids in Asia (if you want water) or Primeval Whirl in DinoLand (which is a small roller coaster, and is located near a Dumbo type ride called TriceraTop Spin for you and the little one).

HS: Defintiely Toy Story Mania for your tier 1. Star Tours and the Indiana Jones show would be good Tier 2s.

Have fun!