Help Choosing Parks for Feb 2019 trip please!

OK, arrive morning of Sunday 17 Feb. Staying at Swan so we are going to do Epcot on day 1, CL5. Last day is Wednesday 20 Feb, which is also half day, so we think DHS since that is a good park for half day and we’ve done a half day there three times in the past when we have to leave for the airport that day. CL1.

So, the question is which park, MK or AK, to do on Feb 18 and Feb 19. MK CLs are 6 and 5. AK CLs are 6 and 2. Our priorities in those parks are riding FOP, NRJ, Seven Dwarves coaster, Space Mountain. Thank you!

My temptation would be to leave AK for the later day. It sounds like it should be less crowded and you would have a slightly better chance of getting fastpasses for FOP.

Not much difference between MK at 6 and 5 so choose based on the Ak 5 and 2… go for that 2!
And have a great time either way!