Help... Can't decide where to eat!

So, I need suggestions for a dinner on a sat night on oct weekend trip, non park… Need to impress dh and mom :wink: will have ds5 and ds1.5 with us! Something fun and “worth the money” haha! Prob staying at either WL, POR or AoA! Thanks!!!

Hoop de doo!!

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Ordinarily I would recommend one of the resort signature restaurants for an “impress the DH and Mom” dinner - but I think it would be too much for the little ones.I’d recommend Raglan Road in DTD. Excellent food and drink (relatively) reasonable prices, and great Irish music and dance (starting at 7 PM).

AKL offers two possibilities. If you are going at a time of the year when it will still be light out at dinner time, Sanaa is a great experience because you can watch the animals while you eat. The food is just as excellent after dark, but the “fun factor” of the animals will be lost. Boma offers a huge, very good, buffet in an upbeat atmosphere. No “entertainment”, but simply walking into the lobby at Jambo House cannot fail to impress. Although you cannot see animals from the dining room, there are numerous “public” viewing areas off of the main lobby that you can check out before dinner.

I don’t know if you are considering character dining or not. It’s just not my “thing” so I will leave it to others to comment on these.


As a follow-up, if you DO want to do signature dining, Flying Fish would probably be the best choice with kids. It’s very colorful, has fun theming, is NOT quiet, and if boredom sets in, it’s an easy escape to the Boardwalk.

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I would vote for Sanaa. The food is so good, and the view of the animals is amazing. Definitely a fun and unique experience!

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If you do Sanaa… It has to be early to see animals right? I will check out the menu for sure! Thanks all! Also thinking maybe hoop de doo… I know unlimited beer will impress dh! :wink: haha!

You need to get your reservation before sunset if you want to watch the animals at Sanaa. We had a 5:30 PM ADR at the end of Oct, and the timing was perfect. After dinner, we went to the outside viewing area and still had plenty of light to watch them for a while longer.

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Columbia in Celebration is excellent.