Help: C&D Campfire

I think I’m suffering from trying to do too much on an 8 night stay. You hear so many reviews of fun things on these boards and begin to think “we will be missing out if you don’t fit it in”.

The last thing I’m struggling to fit in is the sing along. Those that have attended the sing along, could you tell me if it’s:

A) must do, great fun and lifelong memories
B) really fun and worth going a few extra steps to make happen
C) a good time if it easily fits into an already built itinerary
D) not worth going out of your way and only makes sense if you plan to be at the campgrounds at night anyway.

Background: POR stay, 3 kids (4,4,10). DDP with just one character meal (TH) and 4 princess (AK, TF, CRT, AP).

I appreciate your feedback.

Haven’t done it but I would go with “D”

Getting to and from FW can itself be very time consuming. If you’re not already there you’re going to suck up close to 3 hours to do this thing which, while probably adorable and fun, is also probably not worth the lousy return on investment.

As to trying to do too much in 8 days: I recently helped a friend plan her trip. When we first started talking, way back almost a year ago, she was telling me how much her husband hates WDW but how he’s agreed to go back just the same. As we went through the planning, it became clear to me why he hates it. She was trying to do waaaaaaaaay too much and would run them completely ragged with her plans. I gently tried to suggest that, but she wasn’t hearing it. She is there now and I find myself wondering often how they are faring… You have to pick and choose. Do as much as you can, but don’t try to do it all. It’s impossible and you’ll make yourself crazy and everyone else miserable by trying. JMHO.