Help booking before ticket price increase!

Ok so I know the prices for WDW tickets are set to increase tomorrow (I was JUST thinking it should be any time now)…we are tentatively plannig a trip in November but aren’t 100% sure yet.
I was thinking I’d make the reservation tonight with just the $200 deposit for now with park tickets of course.
My question is this - if I make a res at a Disney resort with tickets…but later decide to rent DVC points for our stay (something we’re still looking into and deciding on), can I later “modify” my reservation to take off the resort portion and link the DVC villa resort number if we go that route? And if we do so, will my tickets still be locked into the price I reserve at today?
This is a whole new possibility to me so I have no idea lol. We’ve only ever booked the Disney resort room and tickets together.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

Can you buy discounted tickets tonight? If you cancel your resort reservation you will lose your tickets. I believe they even have the right to adjust the price of your tickets if you modify to another resort (should be in fine print somewhere)?

@PrincipalTinker I have no idea about buying discounted tickets, I just meant at todays regular ticket prices vs. tomorrow. I know per ticket it’s not a huge difference but x4 people if we think we may go I figured lock it in. We are not DVC but we may rent via DVC…so much to work out, maybe I should just wait and not rush…

If you buy tickets tonight you will save money. This will tell you how much you can save You can then take your time and decide on the resort or if you want to rent DVC or add the dining plan.

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I actually considered going to UT’s website and purchasing some multi day tickets tonight myself, ‘just in case’. If only my tax return had come yesterday instead of taunting me pending release for Monday this would be done. Though I still have about two hours to do it… If you book a package and then alter it later they will have the right to adjust the ticket price accordingly, so it may definitely be worth looking at getting the tickets ahead of time. Then, either way you have tickets for your trip for less than Disney will be charging.

I get that same message about my refund!

It’s like it’s MOCKING me.

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