HELP! BC garden view vs BCV studio

Hey all! I am desperate for help here. Adults only trip, 2015 August 3-7. My wife and I. Beach club a personal dream for us, never been. I was looking forward to booking a studio with rented points from BCV, but have heard nothing but how awful and rundown it is. Don’t want to be disappointed, as DVC to me was always presented as luxury at WDW. I know BC is being refurbed now or soon, and BCV is to supposedly follow. I am very fast approaching 11 months! Do I suck up the extra $200-250 and book garden view BC (hoping for 30% discount that is normal for that time period) with a back out option, or lock into a BCV studio and pray for either finished refurb, or a nicer room? I also would prefer not to go when there is construction. what do I do??? For the first time in planning a Disney trip, I have no idea which way to lean. Oh great gurus, I come up the mountain to request lots of knowledge! Help me see the light!

I am replying in the hopes of making this a “latest” thread.i have booked BC garden view twice. Once I got a room with a full balcony as close to EP as possible and I loved it! The second time they upgraded me to CL! I must caution, my last trip there was a reduced discount for BC rooms.

I would stay at BC I am DVC and I live BCV but they are worn looking and if this is a dream trip I would do BC plus you will have daily housekeeping

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When is construction? Staying at bcv in march.

I think the BC is going to have a refurb in the next year or so. Recently, the discounts for the BC have been less than the YC discounts.

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