Help ASAP need transportation suggestions from MCO

AA, in typical fashion cancelled flight, rebooked, 2 hours past our planning. We were going to do ME, now we don’t have time, what is the best option? Uber?

I think you should still be able to DME. Just contact them and let them know about the change. They should be able to accommodate you. Is this for right now? Today? If they truly can’t accommodate you then I am guessing über for the best option.

We’ve used Happy Limo before with no problems and have had recommendations from Destination MCO - both car services. I highly recommend going this route if you’re concerned about time. You can designate your exact pickup time and you get out of the airport so fast.

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I’m concerned about missing our first and second FPP! I even planned 2 hours of padding in case we got delayed. Going to GF and it could be the last stop on DME, meaning up to 90 minutes.

That would be my concern w/ DME. With a car service we’ve always been at our resort within an hour of landing. Of course that was no delays on the baggage carousel etc…but our driver was always at the bottom the escalators waiting for us, helped with baggage and whisked us away in the car (which was parked in a separate place than usual arrivals w/ hardly anyone parked there).

If you’re luggage was going on Magical Express, you’ll need to account for that. IIRC they don’t transport the luggage if they don’t transport the people - so if you already checked your bags for DME, you might be stuck. I’d ask a CM at DME to make sure prior to attempting to grab a car service as abandoning your luggage at MCO would be a problem…

Gotcha! Sounds like a few other liners gave some good options. Is moving your FPP to a later time an option? I hope it works out.

Thank you everyone for the help! Update: the car services were booked (but very nice folks). Got an uber which was kinda tricky to figure out where to get it but it worked out.

There was no way we were going to make our 1-2pm FPP to Splash so I called Disney and spoke to a CM; the only slot available was a 4:55 and we have a hard time limit at MK today for 5pm due to dinner so he looked for other options, couldn’t find any and gave us an “inventory” FPP for SM (he called it the “Golden Ticket”) aka an anytime FPP for Splash today.

We are in our Uber, planning where to grab a quick bite, then heading to MK.