Help! Are the Touring Plans optimised times REALLY accurate

Hi everyone.

We are first timers from the UK going on our holiday of a lifetime on the 27th December for 2 weeks.

We already know its the worst time to go, but we are booked and will just have to do as much prep as we can and hope it still turns out to be the memorable holiday of a lifetime we are wishing for.

We are a family of 2 adults , a 13 year old and 7 year old.

Our first day at MK is 30th December, and we have done a touring plan, but based on the feedback of how busy it is I’m really not convinced that the times can be as accurate as they promise to be.

7 Dwarfs mine train has a 56 min wait with no fast pass, but the others only seem to have a wait of 10 mins or so. Is this right or have I done something wrong? From the feed back we have on how busy it is going to be we were expecting wait times of over 40 minutes for each ride?

Thanks in advance, a very anxious Mummy x

I really don’t think those wait times are realistic for that day, unless those are rope drop times. I haven’t been there over Christmas, but from the reports I’ve read MK is insanely busy the week between Christmas and New Years. I would go in expecting the worst and be pleasantly surprised if it’s not as crowded.

Can you post your plan so we can take a look? (Make sure the “publish plan” is checked)

This is the plan, let me know if you can see it. Thanks so much


Yeah there’s no way that’s accurate. It was a 75 minute wait last night AFTER fireworks with a “level 7” crowd.

The only thing there that concerns me for accuracy is Splash, though it is at night and not as many people ride it then or in winter so that could be accurate. And Philharmagic — you must be arriving just after a showing and waiting through to the next one.

The whole thing about TouringPlans and why they work is they account for the ebb and flow of crowds so that you zig when they zag. It’s very possible that it could be right.

I might ask for the admins to weigh in on this.

Thanks so much everyone. How would I get someone from Admin to have a look at this? Any ideas? We had planned to go at rope drop, but as we are staying at Universal unfortunately this is no longer possible as there at early and late EMH’s x

I think there is an ema which I can’t find right now. But you can always tag @len He is very responsive.

I will say that recently it has felt like plans are being a little wonky at times.

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Thank you so much for your help. Last question, how do I actually tag @len


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I did. And now you did too :blush:


In case you need the email at any point, it’s


Thank you so much

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Ohhhhh :slight_smile:Thank you so much x

Thank you! I need to save that somewhere

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I’ve just tried that email address and unfortunately it comes back as undeliverable :frowning: x

Hi @paraplannerkelly.

I’ve looked at your Dec 30 MK plan. I think the morning wait times are reasonable. You’ve done a great job on your Fastpass selection.

If it’s possible, bring along a cellphone and re-optimize your plan every hour or so while you’re in the park. Rides can experience short breakdowns, and bottlenecks in line can appear for no apparent reason. If you re-optimize your plan, we’ll use the park’s current wait-times to forecast out how the rest of the day will look. I know you’re visiting from the UK - Disney’s in-park WiFi is free to connect to.

Also, check to see if you can move that Haunted Mansion FP to earlier in the day from 5:15 p.m. Once you’ve used that 3rd FP, you can start getting more. Consider trading that for an earlier Winnie the Pooh FP too.

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help with.


There’s not too much I see as questionable here. The two prime time, big name attractions are hopefully during the lunchtime lull, when a lot of people will be following the lemming lunch crowds, causing longer lines for themselves. The other big name attractions are fastpassed, or late, and space is rope dropped.

If the crowds are crazy, your meal time alottments might be a little short. You might have to wait a good 10-15 minutes to be seated. Just sayin.

Also, 9am to midnite for the kids would be laughable in our household (not saying that your kids could not be warriors and up to the 15 hour task, (not including travel time,) just saying that ppl run their families ragged, you see it all the time at dw. Easy to spot. Miserable families, kids that look like zombies.) What time do you plan on waking up and going to bed? Are the previous day, and next day accounted for as being early bed/sleep in days? I hope you have an absolute blast, just trying to give practical advice.

I’d also consider trying to move the late fastpass up, and earlier to start working more fastpasses.

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That’s weird, I just tested it and it didn’t.

Thanks so much for your reply Len.
Ive just logged on to change my fast passes and all of my original choices have disappeared! Absolutley gutted. Just booked Haunted Mansion for 2.25 pm, and trying to re book others now, but peter pan and Belle are no longer available in the morning :frowning: I have added winne the poo at .9.55am now Any suggestions for the last one?
Thanks again
kelly x