Help! AKL or PQFQ?

We are about to book our 2019 Disney holiday for August but can’t decide which hotel to choose we stayed at OKW last year and this was our first time onsite and we loved it, any recommendations?

AKL! We were just there for 7 nights and had an amazing stay. Everything was wonderful. We enjoyed POFQ, but it does not come close to competing with AKL.

Did you,stay in a standard room because that’s all we would probably be looking at or do you need to stay in the Savannah room to get the experience?

Use the room finder and request a standard view. This is a standard view

OMG really I thought they would all be over looking the car park think this would be the way to,go then just waiting to see,if the DDP comes out here in the uk then we will be booking👍

Standard view. Requested bunk bed rooms. When we arrived we did not have bunk beds but had a nice view of a smaller animal area. We changed rooms the next day to a bunkbed room and got the original room we requested on our fax. It was fantastic!

Thanks for that will do

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I would agree that AKL is a fabulous choice. We don’t typically pay for the savanna view. I think you can enjoy the resort without it. Just realize a good number of standard rooms do look at the parking lot or something equally as exciting. A few weeks our standard view room overlooked the bus stop. It was loud. Still love the resort though.