Help adding FPP to touring plans please!

Hello. I am trying to create our Touring Plans for our December tPrip and the program will not add my Fast Pass+ to the plan. For example, I copied the Two-Day touring plan for MK with small children and am trying to add my FPP for 7DMT @ 9:20, PPF at 10:20 and ETWB at 4. When I add them to the FP section and then hit evaluate or optimize they are not added to my touring plan. Its making me a little crazy! Any suggestions? Thanks!

If the optimizer decides that you’ll have longer wait times using those fpp, it won’t use them.

If you’re stuck on using the FPP’s, add them in as hard “breaks” to keep them on the plan.

Post a link to the plans here and perhaps @Len or @daybreaker or @brklinck can take a looksie and provide some guidance and tips.

When you add an FPP reservation to a plan it does not automatically add that attraction. If the attraction is not already in the plan then you need to add it as a step before you Optimize or Evaluate.

If the attraction is in the plan and the Optimizer is not using the FPP reservation, then that means that using that FPP is not part of an optimal solution. In other works, it will take you more time to complete the plan if you use the FPP than if you do not use it.

@DarthDopey - thanks for the shout out! It is nice to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the TouringPlans gods. However, as my title indicates, I am a mere “Wanna Be Domestique” when compared to @len. :smile:

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@jinagauthier - this seems to be the cause, and it’s something we need to fix on our end. Sorry for the confusion there.

I’m taking a look at your plan now and will let you know when I come up with something. Should be only a few minutes.

Thanks for using the site!

This should be fixed now.

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