Help a first timer with HS and EP meals and practical plan please

We’re going to WDW in June for a Dance the World event. My daughter will have a 2 hour practice and parade in MK one day and then a 90 min show in EP on a different day. Other than that, we will have quite a bit of time in the parks (5 total park days). The problem is, I don’t have her schedule and won’t until close to the 60 days. I’ve made ADRs (I feel guilty, but I’m hoarding a few only because I have no idea what our schedule looks like and there were a few places my kids really wanted to eat- Garden Grill and Be Our Guest).

My youngest loves princesses still at the age of 11. I don’t know that we’ll make it back to WDW and I really want to make the most of this trip. We’re not on the dining plan, but I have a budget that is pretty similar to the cost of the dining plan offered to us, so I’m not overly concerned with price.

Akershus vs Trattoria al Forno? She LOVES Rapunzel, so I’m drawn to Trattoria al Forno, but we’re staying at Pop. Is it even practical for us to eat there on an EP &/or HS day? Would it be easy to get there early in the morning (7:50) or would we need an Uber? Will it take a long time to get to one of the parks? Is one restaurant better than the other? I’m not really all that impressed by the menus of either one, tbh, but…princesses. Will meeting princesses around the WS take forever and take the joy out of seeing and experiencing WS? Or is it doable as long as she’s willing to wait (will it be over 30 min wait per princess?). She doesn’t even know that Akershus or Tratorria Al Forno exist. She wants to meet princesses. She knows there will be lines. She doesn’t care (right now, lol). I just want the experience to be good (and I’m probably WAY overthinking this considering her low expectations!)

Does adding a TS into a day you’re park hopping just suck the time away from your day or does it give you a nice break from the inevitable heat of June? I have a F! dining package at Mama Melrose’s at 2:45p on a HS day (but could turn into a shared day with EP). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works out because I really want to see the show. If I have to cancel because of events, should I get a FP or just get there really early? They only have 1 F! show that day.

I literally have 20 personalized touring plans for all the “what ifs”…I’m just really, really hoping they send out the schedule soon so I can finalize plans. I just can’t seem to leave my plans alone.

I know this post was a bit discombobulated, but you’re a most welcoming group and very informative. Thanks for helping a newbie plan the trip of a lifetime! :blush:


I think Trattoria would be a good choice for an 11 year old if she is ok with meeting the princes who are funny. You can also meet Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom. I thought the food at Trattoria was better than most of the buffets and it’s in a nice setting (never been to Akershus though, the $$s are ridiculous if you’re not on the dining plan) and they brought us two of the entrees on the menu each if we couldn’t decide. I’d book it early then walk in right there at International Gateway to Epcot (which is sooooo nice compared to going through the main gates). Yes, you’ll need an Uber of Lyft which will be about $12 but you won’t even notice it for all the money you spend at Disney and it will save you so much time.

Be aware that most of the princess meet and greets at Epcot are outside except the Frozen sisters and maybe Jasmine and it can be hot and/or rainy in June.

No idea on Fantasmic but I don’t think it’s all that hard to get into. The right TS will give you a break, the wrong one will such away time (like don’t try to eat at Sanaa if you’re going to Epcot and the studios). You can always cancel TS last minute (the luxury of no dining plan, feel free to change your mind on a whim much easier).


Haven’t done breakfast at Akershus, only dinner, but I like the character interaction at Trattoria better. It’s different to meet the Princes along with the Princesses. To get to Trattoria from another resort, I would Uber to Boardwalk. (and if you do Trattoria, ask Flynn what’s in his pouch)

I did the Fantasmic dining package at Mama Melrose with my daughter on our last trip (daddy was recovering from running the 1/2 marathon and getting ready to run the marathon). It was awesome! So much food! And then you’re in the middle section of seating for the show. FP seating is the next section out, and no FP is the outer sections.

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I did the Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria in January when I was down - and I had a great time. The characters there are super fun, including while Ariel was with me, she caught sight of a seagull on the boardwalk and ran out wondering if they had seen Scuttle lately. :wink: :smiley:

There were kids of all ages there, having a great time.

Yes, to get there for breakfast, I recommend taking a Lyft.


Ok, so this has me thinking…on our arrival day, we land at 9:05 at MCO. We’re taking Disney transportation to Pop. Could we take the transportation to Boardwalk instead? Do you have to check in before you can go to the parks or could we go through IG and go to Epcot on arrival day and check in later?

Sorry for all the questions…I have no idea how all this works!

No. You are expected to take Magical Express from MCO to the resort you’re staying at.

If you go with Trattoria, make the timing of it work for you, you could do EMH in EP or HS and then hop via breakfast, or as previously mentioned pre rope drop.

Thanks for the responses! Ok, so if we land at MCO at 9:05 am and take ME to Pop, check in and get on the bus to HS and walk to Boardwalk, is a 10:40 am reservation at Trattoria reasonable or is it cutting it too close (I’m not opposed to taking an Uber to Boardwalk, either)? I could make a later one, but I was worried that the closer I get to 12:05 (the end of character dining), the character interactions would be coming to a close.

I could make a 9 am reservation on a different day, but I’m not thrilled with that because that will cut into our park time. I do appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

The character interactions last until the last breakfast guest is over. If the last reservation for the Bon Voyage Breakfast is at 12:05, you’ll see the characters.

Good to know! I may change it to the later time. Thank you!

“You can always cancel TS last minute (the luxury of no dining plan, feel free to change your mind on a whim much easier).”

I don’t think this is correct. All reservations are secured with a credit card and you’ll be charged a fee for a last minute cancellation.

Thanks…I was thinking this, too, but I really don’t want to make an ADR I don’t intend to keep, anyway. The only one I’ve made that I might have to cancel is Mama Melrose’s dining package, but since I really want it, I may call and see if I can pick a different time rather than just straight out cancel once we get our schedule. Well, ok and the 2 GG and 2 BoG breakfasts that I’m hoarding until I get the schedule. I actually fee really guilty about that, too.

Just think of it as a nice surprise for someone when you finally do drop one. I was able to pick up the exact reservation I was looking for today and my trip is in 18 days (Thanks Reservation Finder!!)


You can modify it then drop it.

So some questions for you:

  1. Are you only going to see the Dancing daughter at her performance or are you expected to accompany her to the practice and performance?
  2. Will you be considered a chaperone for part of the group?
  3. How much time is the Dancing daughter required to spend with the group?

I have traveled extensively with my boys hockey and soccer teams and know that you may have to add a lot of time to the estimates you have given for her involvement in the purpose of the trip. I’m afraid that my experience is that parents spend a lot of time doing “hurry up and wait” on a trip like this. This can be especially true if you are traveling with the team. If you are not involved in the chaperoning role then you and your DD11 should be able to go off and have a lot of fun on your own.
Anyway, I don’t mean to be negative. I just find it is better to find out what expectations the people in charge have for you and, then, you can really plan your days.

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Those are really great questions, but this is where I’ve totally lucked out. Only 2 kids from our studio are participating. The other girl is in high school and though she adores my DD, she is going to want to hang out with her family and do her own thing. The owner has her DD who is 4, so they are also making the most of the trip. Parents are not allowed to attend rehearsals. Really, the only additional time will be spent making sure she is using the transportation from Pop to the rehearsal site with the company and making sure we’re there to get her when they return. I’m sure her dance teacher will want her to run through her solo for the performance, but this is definitely more of a fun experience trip than a dance competition trip. For that, I’m extremely grateful! It could easily have gone the way of high maintenance and drama which would not make this fun at all! :joy:

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In this case I say just take Uber to the Boardwalk. With all of the travel you will be experiencing that morning taking a ride share from the resort will let you relax and get into the fun of things!

Whew! You are a lucky one. That was my whole point - just making sure that you were aware of the possibilities. I’ve visited too many fun places where we didn’t get to do the fun things because of our game schedule or never saw some of the families because they were too busy having fun to watch their kid play. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds and will have a great trip. Hope your DD enjoys meeting the princesses (you will too :smile:).

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