Help a Canadian out

Three questions
Does anyone know when Disney typically releases ticket offers? Specifically I’m hoping for the Canadian residents offer. I know it was offered at the beginning of this year but it was only good for 2018 and our trip is February 2019.
Does Target still give a Red card discount on Disney Gift cards? Is the red card still available as just a reward card that is not linked to a bank account or credit card? Just wondering if a trip across the boarder when the dollar is doing well would be worth while.
Thanks eh! :blush:

We booked our August 2018 trip in November 2017 and got the Canadian residents deal. I think they started offering it in September or October and it was available for booking through February. Not sure if the same thing will happen this year. We ended up switching to Free Dining when it became available because it saved us more money.

If you book through a travel agent they may keep an eye out for better deals and modify for you. Ours does.

The Canadian discount tickets were only offered for 2017 and 2018. To my knowledge they had not been offered previously. Last year they could be purchased starting November 1 for use from Nov 1 to the end of 2018. There was notice about it before Nov 2017 as Paul mentioned.

I live right across from Detroit. I looked into the red card issue for Canadians last year and it did not seem worth the trouble for me anyway. I had to pay off the Target Credit card with cash. Which meant buying U.S. cash and the 2.5% exchange fee on top of the slightly poorer exchange rates you get getting cash. Credit cards usually have better exchange rates. I have a credit card that covers the 2.5% exchange fees plus gives a 1% bonus (Rogers). The 5% savings on the red card got eroded to about 1.25% for me vs the Rogers card. That is $25 on $2,000.

If you can find someone who works in the U.S. and lives in Canada you could exchange cash without any bank fees and save the full 5%.

Thanks for the information!
We booked our room by renting DVC points so we don’t have a travel agent.

That is what I did in 2017 and 2018. The combination of the discount tickets (if offered) plus renting DVC is probably impossible to beat if staying Deluxe. Perhaps the exception being if you like pricey table service and get free dining for 4-5 at a cheaper deluxe.