Hello liners. 43 to go

Good morning all. Just 43 to go. Six weeks to go airport. Have a great weekend


Good morning @Steve1! 55 days left for me. Have a great day!

Good morning @steve1. I can’t sleep in o. My days off. In four months I can start shifting money I save for tuition to saving for vacation. Happy planning, have a good day.

Hello Steve and Hello Liners! 4 weeks from right now I’ll be sitting on the plane, waiting (yelling) for the pilot to kick the tires and light the fires!

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52 Happy Saturday everyone! ISP @JustTimmy?

Good morning @Steve1. Good morning Linahville. 14 more days! Just 2 weeks! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Hello peeps. 157 for me. Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend US liners.

Morning! 48 mnsshp! Today… College football starts so it’s a good day :wink:

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Good morning all. Only 26 days to go!

Morning. Up too early due to allergies. Happy to say that we have 104 days to go!!! 44 days until FPP selections

Yes @Pod, DW & I usually fly JB out of JFK. Love the short TSA lines at ISP.

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Morning all. 65 for me.

Good morning all! 27 here:)

Hello all. 80 days!

Hello fellow liners! 52 days for me!

210 for me. Happy Saturday!

28 Days!!