Height Restriction 44 inch

My daughter measures 44 at the doctors office and 43 with a lowes measuring tape. Which one is probably more accurate with the disney measuring devices?

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At the doctor’s office does she take off her shoes? She will be able to keep them on in the parks, so if she was barefoot add an inch or two. Also, I don’t know about how she likes to style her hair, but a high pony tail can give her a slight bump in height too. :slight_smile: On my daughter’s trip with her dad when she was 4, she made some height requirements literally by the little nubbin thing on the top of her baseball hat. This may not quite be the same now as that was some years ago, but it also may depend on the CM.

They would now have her take off the hat.

Time of day matters. Later in the day we all get shorter.

Our DS4 is 43.5 inches at the doctor and 43.5 at home. They may have measured wrong at the doc. We took our DS to a specialist that listed his height at 44.5 and they measured him barefooted. He’s 44.5 in shoes, but I’ve heard the parks measures aren’t exact as they try to account for shoes. I’ve also heard of kids looking tall enough at the first stick then too small at the second right before getting on the ride. We’re keeping our 44 inch fast passes and we’ll just see what happens, but we have set him up with the expectation that he may not be able to ride.

Cast members are strict now. Disney isn’t into assuming any unnecessary liability.