Heat and humidity comparison

I’m trying to get my DD11 prepared for the heat and humidity of WDW in June. My DD8 & I love heat and are not at all put off by humidity. DH & DD11 it’s a different story. We’ve experienced different levels of h&h in different places so I’m trying to give her a comparison of what to expect. She dealt fine with it in northern Queensland Australia in the middle of summer, but she didn’t cope at all in Hong Kong in June. Given Hong Kong is smoggy and a big city and we walked for quite a while without much inside time, so I know she’ll cope better at WDW than she did then. Also, she gets quite bad eczema and prickly heat at times in humidity, which doesn’t help. I’d just like to help her prepare so she’s not grizzly the whole time. Has anyone been to HK and Orlando who can compare?

I’ve been to Hong Kong, but unhelpfully it was in December.

I remember the very first time I visited Florida, in the mid-1990s. I was on a grand tour of the US and we stayed in Florida for about three days. I remember feeling it was a relief to leave the state — because of the humidity.

Last August was the most humid environment I’ve ever experienced, but not the hottest. My record for temperature was Las Vegas one summer. It got to 110°F.

Yet, to my surprise and delight, I found it manageable because you’re never very far from an air-conditioned haven.


I used to live in HK, and I found the heat there harder to deal with than Orlando heat. Maybe because I wasn’t on holiday and had to deal with running the home, etc…:grin: also the smog can be a big factor…
I’m sure there are products to deal with prickly heat? When I’m in Florida I carry round a water aerosol spray, it gives you a light misting just to take the edge off. It’s easier than carrying around one of those big Disney water sprays.

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I’ve been to HK in summer and Orlando in summer and I think that, unfortunately, they’re quite similar. I’m also currently in Thailand and my first thought upon arrival was, “It feels like Hong Kong,” followed by, “It feels like Florida.” But I do think Disney does a good job of having lots of A/C available. Maybe make sure to plan accordingly for breaks in A/C after doing something requiring a good amount of time outside.

When I think of summer in FL I’m reminded of the movie GOOD MORNING VIETNAM “how hot is it” “it’s so dam hot I saw one of those guys in them orange robes just burst into flames”

Vegas is desert and there is no humidity. England is damp - here we call that humid. It just gets warmer in Florida.