Heard that some resort guests dont have to check in, go straight to room?

I heard on a podcast that they were testing this. Just wondering how this went and if they were still doing this? I’d love to go straight to the park on arrival day!


For sure it happened at select resorts and given certain conditions. Could be wrong but think the test is over for now. Not positive though. Either way, what’s to keep you from going straight to the park? I had issues with using my band to charge pre-checkin and I’ve heard some have issue w DDP (not a fan of DDP so can’t say for sure) but even those things aren’t enough to keep me from going from MCO right to a park.

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I thought we had to check in before the bands would work at the turnsiles? No? If not, that would be wonderful!!

Not for me but I’m on a Silver Pass. Although, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard from others that it isn’t necessary. Please confirm before you go for it. But, thinking you’re good to go from MCO to a park…so long as you’re all linked up.

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Lisa, it was a test and it is over. During the test you did not have to go to the hotel before you went to the park. I did the test and I think there were glitches. I never received a welcoming package and had to go to desk later snd ask for resort map and schedule of events.

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