Heads Up: New Confirmation Numbers - Fax Requests

“Due to the implementation of a new package reservation system, your Walt Disney Travel Company confirmation number has changed.”

It looks like Disney gave existing reservations new confirmation numbers. I changed mine on my Fax Requests but I wanted to let everyone know, too.


I received the email about my new reservation number, but MDE hasn’t quite finished updating yet. I went to link the new reservation number to MDE, and it says it already exists.My old number is there, but it’s not able to pull up my balance due and the new number isn’t posting. There’s plenty of time before my trip, but I’m hoping it resolves soon.

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Did you have a room or a room plus tickets/dining package?

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I just saw this and I arrive on Saturday. Is it too late to change the numbers on my fax? Is there anywhere to get a print out of what will be sent to Disney so I could fax it myself? I really put time into choosing the room I wanted and I want the best chances of getting it.

I do. Now the system shows my new reservation number, but no option to get my current balance OR make a payment. I’m not going until August, but I’m a bit of a nerd and obsessive, so when things go “missing” it gives me a bit of anxiety. I’m sure it’ll work out, or I’ll be able to call to make payment, but would just feel better if it “magically” reappeared.

Looks like confirmation for DVC rentals stayed the same. Anybody seen a change?

Thanks! My confirmation number was different so I updated my fax request. (I do not have a DVC rental)

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We are doing a split stay. Both my room only and DVC confirmation numbers stayed the same.

Thanks so much for posting this. I would have forgotten to update mine!