Heads Up - AOA Big Blue pool closed all of April!

My DD is a lifeguard at AOA and just learned today that the Big Blue pool will be closed all of April so the chlorination system can be updated. Just thought I’d share in case anyone’s traveling there with little ones who are looking forward to daily swims. (The Mermaid and Cars pools will remain open.)

When will Disney post this information? We are staying at AoA at the end of April. I called Disney today and they said there is not a pool closure scheduled.

We just stayed there last week. I’m generally easy going but if we had shown up and the main pool was closed, I would of been extremely mad. That was one of the main reasons we elected to stay there.

I’m sorry I don’t have any more information, and to clarify, I’d consider this a RUMOR until Disney officially posts something. The info I have is coming from a lifeguard at the resort.

I probably shouldn’t have shared anything, but I’d want to know if I had an upcoming trip.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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Anyone able to verify this?? @len

I called AoA last week and spoke with a few people. They claimed the pool will be open and no closings are scheduled. However, who really knows. I’m worried it will be closed after Easter when we visit.

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I’ll swing by and check this week. There’s nothing on Disney’s websites about it (as far as I can tell) and I tried booking at AoA to see if it would alert me to something.

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Seems as if this was an April Fool’s joke management pulled on staff at AOA. I’m so sorry my daughter fell for it :frowning:
Good news is, no scheduled pool closure!!



Thanks! I was really worried about this!