Heads Up - Animal Kingdom Lodge

Just got back from Disney and stayed at AKL. I have to say the actual travel times were much less than what was posted under this resort. It took about 20 minutes to get to MK, 10-15 to get to Epcot and about 5-10 for AK. We never went to Hollywood Studios. HOWEVER, I will say, they really needed more buses to actually go to the resort and pick up. It was a bit of a wait and there is no queue so it was a difficult with everyone trying to get on the buses. But that was really my only complaint. Great resort!!!


Good to hear.

The deluxe resorts all have that issue, with no lines. It does mean you either have to literally stand in a line from the kerb, or you take your chances and sit down and hope people don’t all push in front.

Luckily we rarely want buses at really busy times, and haven’t had to wait for another one. But you do need your wits about you and have one person standing “in line”!

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I wish the mods and deluxes had queues for the buses! I really prefer the way the value resort bus stops are set up.

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Me too. It was such a pain. I prefer a queue. DH went to sit on a bench and was annoyed when I stood towards the front. Without me doing it we would have waited twice as long.

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Haven’t stayed at a value, but we are this coming week (AoA). So, tell me about this queue? It’s like a ride queue for the bus? This makes me soooo happy! I hate the giant gaggle when there’s no orderly line.

Yep! There is a little queue just like for a ride. The only downside is that its usually in the sun. There are also benches that are covered if I am remembering correctly so if there arent a lot of people you dont really have to queue up right away.


AoA is covered. I liked that bus line up soooo much more than at AKL. Didn’t know it was a deluxe resort vs budget thing. Makes no sense to me why this would be that way.

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Maybe they think people staying at a deluxe resort will be more civilized and not require a line! Lol. Not are they wrong!

I’m guessing it’s because Art of Animation (all values?) have a dedicated bus stop for each park. The Deluxe resorts don’t, so trying to rope off queuing areas for each bus would be a bit of a logistical nightmare…

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So wrong! lol It was a free for all.

I have found, generally, that people are aware of when they arrive in relation to others. With only one exception that I can recall in our 4 stays at AKL, nobody fights to push in front of people they came after. In fact I have heard parents redirecting children to hold back, let these people go ahead, they were here first.

I like not queuing up. I enjoy sitting comfortably on the bench and waiting. The bus queue is one of the things I don’t like about the values.

I must have been thinking of Pop that is in the sun, thanks! And yeah! I wish they all had a queue.