Headliners for which One Ride Each Trip is Enough


RnRC would qualify.

That’s about it at WDW, isn’t it?

A jaunt over to SeaWorld or Busch Gardens could satisfy the craving for a bit.

IDK. Some of the Six Flags parks are pretty light on thrills… I am better off at the Fun Spot riding White Lightning than some of the parks in that chain.


I’ll give you RnRC. I haven’t been to a Six Flags but I’ve seen some of their coasters on TV and they certainly look thrilling.


And here’s a theme park I would enjoy:


Suffice it to say, out of the 17 parks they own or operate, there are probably 30-40 really thrilling coasters out there.

Some of their parks have 5-6. You can do the math.

Or perhaps you can ask @profmatt for assistance, should you require it. :wink:




Also, the nearest Six Flags to WDW is SFOG (Six Flags Over Georgia) in Atlanta. That’s a heckuva side trip…


This is true. A lot of Six Flags parks have clones of coasters that, unfortunately, are only mildly fun. The whole “flying coaster” concept, usually found as a “Superman” themed ride at Six flags, aren’t really that thrilling because in order for your body to withstand the forces, they have to keep it kind of tame.

But there are some great rides. Six Flags Great America, for example, has Goliath. That is an incredible coaster! It also has Raging Bull, and X-Flight. Six Flags Great Adventure as El Toro and Nitro. Not that plenty of the other coasters they have aren’t fun. Just not necessarily worth a trip to the park specifically for that ride.


Add to that, they don’t have a big enough maintenance budget, IMO, at most of their parks. They get rough, and stay that way, far too soon, and then are just left there.

Worse, sometimes they move an old ride that’s too rough for its own good to a park that doesn’t get much love from the CapEx budget, and call it a New Ride, even when it’s been beating people up for 15 years or more since the time it was good (see also: Iron Wolf -> Apocalypse).

I’d rather spend my time at a place like BGW, where they have a smaller collection, but I know I’m not going to need to worry about taking out my earrings to avoid a headache, and the coasters are basically all very good or better.


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The slogans are the easy part, the hard part will be getting Profmatt to dress up and dance like the Six Flags guy from years ago


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