HEA to Space Mountain

Since we are targeting my sweet little niece for this trip, we are keeping Space Mountain off the plan until after HEA fireworks when she will likely be asleep in her stroller.

We plan to watch HEA from Main Street. Is it possible to do the cut through across Tomorrowland Terrace after the fireworks. Is that where the dessert party is?

Just thinking what my most direct route to SM is without swimming up sea of all those exiting the park.

I would probably just stay put for 5 minutes or so and let the crowd disperse. Then I would just take the bridge to Tomorrowland for the most direct route. If you stay put for a bit it becomes very easy to move about. Worth the wait.


And the backstage exit, between Plaza and the Terrace, may be open. Which will jam up that area with guest being directed that way. The bridge is definitely the way to go.

We did this last week. It was a mess, so I would advise waiting for the crowd to disperse. However by the time we go there, it was a 30 minute wait. I would have waited if it was just me, but dd wanted to do walk on rides, so we rode WTP and IASW.