HEA - To Dessert Party or not to Dessert Party

We plan to spend our last Disney day at MK (CL4). Right now I have the following meals planned - 10:00a BOG, 2:30p CHH, and 7:05p Plaza. Once Upon a Time is scheduled at 8:25p and HEA is at 8:55p. A good viewing spot should be right outside the Plaza, right? What time would you want to step out of the restaurant to get a good spot?

Or, should I just get the after fireworks party? Should we skip Plaza if we do that? Thanks!

I’d want more of a time buffer between dinner and OUAT. You may get seated late and not be finished with dinner by 8:25. I’ve watched from Main Street and the view was great.

For me the dessert party is a no-brainer. This year I’m doing the after party.

You could have your dinner at the Plaza, but not have dessert. That will make it quicker, give you time to get to the viewing area, then do the after party. (Get your wristbands — if you can, I’m not sure — before your dinner so you can go straight to the Plaza Garden viewing area.)

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If you had to choose one dessert party would you pick HEA or FEA (knowing that skipping FEA means no TT since you now need the FP for Frozen)?

I don’t know what that word means.

I did both HEA and FEA last year and I’m doing them both again this year.

HEA gets you a stress-free primo viewing spot for an exceptional visual spectacle.

FEA effectively gets you an FPP to FEA and IllumiNations, which frees you up to get an FPP for Soarin’.

The HEA one is slightly cheaper. The new food looks pretty good. FEA has alcohol, which doesn’t appeal to me.

If I had to pick only one … well I can’t.

Which matters more to you: rides or fireworks. If it’s rides then go for FEA. If it’s fireworks go for HEA.

I’m splurging on a MK fireworks cruise and then DAH the following night (which is our last night of vacation and dd’s 17th birthday)…I cannot rationalize spending the funds for an HEA dessert party on top of that, especially since we can eat as many Mickey Bars as we want during DAH.

If it was just me, or even only 2 of us, I could easily say yes to both. But there will be 8 of us for FEA and 6 of us for HEA. And all 8 of us are already doing the SW dessert party (non-negotiable!!).

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I did that one last year, too. It was my least favourite and I’m not doing it again this year. I’m not even seeing the show.


My husband and 2 boys are all about SW. I can’t not do it.