HEA Fireworks Noise and Toddlers

I made a reservation for the HEA Dessert Party for my 3.5 y/o daughter and me. The other day she asked me to tell her some the things we were going to do in Disney World. When I mentioned the fireworks show, she said she doesn’t want to go to fireworks because of the loud noise, and she reminded me that she didn’t like the loud noises at the 4th of July fireworks. The past July 4th was her first experience with fireworks and unfortunately the acoustics of the location where we were sitting were terrible … they were the loudest fireworks I have ever heard. I don’t think she will find the HAE fireworks to be as noisy and will really enjoy the show, but I’m a bit uncertain.

I’m debating now whether to (a) cancel or (b) go but bring sound cancelling headphones in case she doesn’t like the noise.

Anyone else with experience with toddlers and HAE who have thoughts on my situation?

I would bring a pair of children’s ear defenders just in case. They work great, our DD just asks for hers when she thinks something is a bit too loud.

I’ll never forget one of the Wishes dessert parties we attended. A family with a little girl (~3 years old) were standing next to us by the railings and the girl was crying and screaming with her hands over her ears during the entire fireworks. Nobody in her family paid any attention to her at all - it was horrible! :cry:

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I hate the sound of fireworks. It hurts my ears, even as an adult. I just grin and bear it, mostly, but still hate it. I don’t really understand why more people aren’t bothered by them! (If they could make fireworks quiet, I’d be SO happy!)

I’d bring earplugs for your child. Most of our kids, at a young age, spend their time during fireworks with their hands over their ears.

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My friend bought these for her young son. He asked for them whenever something got a little too loud for him.

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Thanks. I’m only going to do one evening show with her so now thinking maybe I should switch to Fantasmic! to minimize the fireworks. I recall there are some firework-like portions of the show, but far less than HAE. I don’t think she will enjoy River of Lights or IllumiNations due to the lack of Disney characters.