HEA During Party Season

We’ll be in WDW in a month and are going to MK in a non-party night to see HEA (we’re also going on a party day, so this day is mainly just to use our FPPs and see HEA). There are 4 of us going and I’m the only one who has seen it. How early should we be staking out a somewhat decent spot? An hour early?

HEA is at 9 and the park closes at 9, so any recommendations on how we leave? Walk to Contemporary and take a Lyft from there? Take a Lyft from TTC? Not planning on doing the mad dash to the exit with everyone else, but I’m imagining the bus lines will be ridiculous for a while.

Just got the TP email that MK is now open until 10pm so the second part is no longer (as much of an) issue! Yaaaaay

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