HEA Dessert Party with short people

We’ve got the after-dessert party booked for 3/27, totally new experience for all of us. I’ve seen several posts on here suggesting the back of the garden view area is actually a better. Does this hold true with little kids and, shall we say, vertically challenged adults? We’ll have my parents, and our 3 kids - 9, 7, and 5 in tow. But let’s be honest, my husband may be 6’3 but I’m 5’1 and want a good view.

We had short people with us, and we staked out the front because we had a good view there last time. However they now have a white line across the front to create a reserved section for wheelchairs, if there are any. Once the show starts, they let anyone in there if space is available. I’m 100% OK with reserving space for disabled people. BUT, once it was close to showtime, other (non-disabled) people decided it was close enough and jumped right in front of our spot while we were still sitting there respecting the request to keep it clear. In addition to that, they had a much larger crowd gathered in front of the garden in the non-reserved section (outside the fence) than they did last time we had done the garden dessert party. There was still a walkway, but it was much smaller. So, we didn’t have as much distance between us and tall people standing up outside the garden. TLDR: it depends on the night, how full the party is, whether people in the garden collectively decide to sit or stand, if tall people decide to jump in front of you at the last minute, etc. I do think it’s easier to move to the back later, while moving to the front probably won’t be an option. Good luck!

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I am 5’ tall…we went to the back of the garden area viewing and had a wonderful view. (We also have done the front of the viewing area - only complaint was one tall dude with a giant hat).

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My kids stayed sitting for the whole show at our spot along the back fence. They loved it. I felt they probably missed out on a few of the lower projections that they would definitely have seen if they had stood up, but they weren’t bothered. Great spot!


When we were there, the garden was very crowded (not packed like sardines as was the case in the regular viewing areas, but still loaded with people sitting and not much empty grass to see).

When the show started, some people stood up, then others stood up … and then entire area where we were sitting in the garden was standing up). My wife and I could see fine while standing but we had to hold DD4 and DS1 up for the entire show.

We were there Friday night with our three littles. It wasn’t packed and we had plenty of space to sit and sprawl out. We sat towards the middle. There were people in chairs in front of us but we felt we could see great. Maybe missed some of the very lower projections but we could’ve scooted back and didn’t. We loved it and my husband said it was the best money we spent the whole trip. Have fun!

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Hey, we’re going to this in March. We’ve got some very short people with us. (Mostly my wife, think the sprog might actually be taller than her in a month!)

Can see people above saying we’re better off standing at the back? Why is this? Was thinking of getting there early and common sense would suggest getting as close to the front as possible, so what am I missing?


There is a gap that occurs when the show starts. Everyone tends to push closer to the front and that gap gives a better view. In the front, even if you’re in the first spot up against the fence, there are those outside the fence who can block your view. The cast members do their best to keep them moving, but it’s a constant battle for them and at times can cause both a distraction and sight problems.

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Ah ok, that makes sense. We’re going to be there on quite a busy night, it’s set at a crowd level of 9 at the mo. Is there still likely to be that gap, or will it be too full?

I’ve never been when it’s that busy so hopefully someone else might be able to chime in.

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