HEA dessert party - what if it rains?



Somehow I have ZERO doubt that I will recognize you out there…


Agreed. Once the fireworks are loaded, they would have to be set off, even if that was at 3am.

So if there was a forecast of a really prolonged storm they would just not set them up. But I think that’s an extremely rare occurrence, like during a hurricane that’s shut the parks.


Wow. That would make me REALLY mad if Fireworks were going off at 3 am when we’re trying to sleep. I hate the sound of fireworks as it is!


Not if you just follow our TP motto:

“poncho up and carry on”!


Mine’s gonna be, “poncho up and berry on!”


It sounds like there’s an untapped market for Disney to upcharge for Fastpasses for specific desserts at the already very expensive dessert parties.


20 strawberries, and 10 egg rolls later…
Back left corner is an awesome view. The spinach dip was totally edible too.


Those cheeseburger egg rolls…disgustingly delicious. Think mcd cheesburger (even pickles, too.)

I’ve also fallen in love with pog juice, jungle juice, jettison juice, whatever you wanna call it. Love it.


We never sampled any desserts. Our evening was a bit of a mess and at the end of HEA we were all spent.

I don’t know if the reserved seating area alone was worth the money, but I think without it we would have skipped HEA and headed back to the hotel early.

I hope someone ate my share of strawberries…


I totally covered you on the strawberry front. You’re welcome.


Somehow I didn’t see you but thanks for leaving some strawberries for us. I had only 2 though, was too busy eating those cheeseburger eggrolls which were indeed way too good !!!


Yep. Chance of rain is a big part of why we’re doing the Terrace Party. We haven’t seen HEA before, so I don’t know what I’m missing with the view compared to the Plaza Garden. I’m sure we’ll think our view is just fantastic!

And there’s no way I’m going into the mosh pit just to watch fireworks. Nope.