HEA dessert party - what if it rains?

Hey guys,

So, the weather forecast looks like rain during HEA the night I have booked the dessert party. It’s still 8 days in the future so it can change several times but just interested in knowing what happens if it rains a lot. I’m sure just a little rain would mean business as usual. Anyone knows ?


Unless there is lightening in the area the show will continue, on time usually, in the rain.

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Worse case scenario - horrible thunderstorm, fireworks cancelled. Then what ? They do nothing cause I can still eat the desserts ? I don’t really give a rat’s behind for the desserts, I just want the VIP viewing area. If HEA doesn’t happen, am I screwed or do they give some sort of pass to get the good viewing area another day ?

I believe they only guarantee the desserts? I think it is very, very rare for fireworks to be cancelled. They may be delayed .


Thanks, I am much less worried now. :smiley:

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I did it last year and I have it booked again. Even in the rain it will be amazing!

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I’m going on the 3rd. If that’s your date, you better get to the choc covered strawberries before me.
Egg rolls too. I’m getting my money’s worth - rain or shine!


Oh my God yes I’m going on the third too !!! :smiley:

I’ll be the chubby tattooed guy speaking french and wreaking havoc in the cheese platter, you should spot me easy LOL


I’ll be the chubby black guy with a mound of chocolate strawberries and a Chicago accent. Arguably easier to spot than you. I’m determined to get my money’s worth. Watch and learn!

:strawberry: :cupcake: :cookie:


Is this the thread where it is safe to admit that I pretty much only eat the chocolate covered strawberries at the dessert parties? I may eat most if not just about all of them :wink:

Luckily, we will not have to battle it out since my next visit is February !



That’s awesome. I have no idea what a Chicago accent sounds like but I’ll certainly try to find you man !!!


Yes LOL definitely safe place

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Despite being something of a chubster myself, I don’t actually eat all that much. I just eat bad things. Like international quantities of chocolate.

I actual find I don’t have the stomach capacity for more than one chocolate covered strawberry. The ones at MK are very large and I find them very filling.

What I did have during my two dessert parties this summer was the ooey-gooey pudding, though it’s hard to eat more than a few spoonfuls of that.

I’ve certainly never got value for money in terms of desserts at the dessert parties. But that’s not the point of them for me.

This thread has made me wonder about trying the Tomorrowland Terrace party next year, rather than the Plaza Gardens, which I’ve always done in the past. I’m interested to compare the view. But the covered — and thus rain-protected — viewing area feels like an insurance policy not offered by the Plaza Gardens.

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Oooh, ooh, can I join the club? I’ll also be at the HEA dessert party on the 3rd. We’re doing the after party though so I might miss you during the food, but perhaps we’ll rub elbows in the viewing area?

I also couldn’t care less about the desserts. Booked it solely to avoid fighting for viewing space on Main Street, so if the weather shuts it down we’ll have paid a crapton of money for a few chocolate covered strawbs. I’m trying to avoid thinking too hard about that possibility because it depresses me :slight_smile:


Well it’ll be quite the party !!! :smiley:

I hadn’t thought much about the food at the dessert party but I am now very much looking forward to the strawberries and ooey goey pudding


You get wet.


Hahahahaha…smartass… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So the HEA Dessert Party in rain is a lot like Splash Mountain? Or would you say it is more like Kali River Rapids?

Apologies in advance, but I plan on eating ALL of the strawberries. Unless they save a batch for the after party, you’re outta luck, my friend. Listen, for whatever they’re charging, I gotta try to get my money’s worth, and still try to eat mildly sensibly. I’m not a cheese person at all, so, chocolate covered strawberries are pretty much like eating celery sticks compared to the rest of what they’ll have, so…a Pooh’s gotta eat, right?