HEA Dessert Party Arrival Time?


We have the dessert party schedule for 9 pm fireworks in October. Party “start” time is officially 7:30, but we don’t care too much about desserts. One of our purposes of booking the party was not having to “stake out” seating beforehand. What is the latest we could arrive to still grab a handful of treats and walk out to the garden seating area?


So this may or may not help, but we did the after dessert party. It shares the same viewing after the regular dessert party. We showed up to the viewing area 10 minutes before the fireworks and there was plenty of space. So I would think you could show up at 8:30, grab a few desserts and head to the viewing area.


That does help, thanks! I also saw one post on disboards by someone who says they routinely show up at 8:15.


I will also add that the after fireworks dessert was great. We were one of five groups there.


I have the after party booked for February! I am so excited to try it!


Awesome! I liked it much better than the before party. It was so relaxed and not busy. And the CMs were so fun. They were dancing around and singing.