HEA Dessert Party and Elsa Castle Lighting

Hello All, getting ready for a holiday trip in early December. Can anybody advise how it might work if we make reservations for the fireworks dessert party with plaza viewing but also want to watch Elsa light the castle? Dessert party begins at 7:30, and Elsa does her thing at 8:15. Fireworks are at 9. Can we see/hear the stage show from the plaza viewing location or would we want to move closer? And if we leave the plaza viewing area to move closer, how do we get back in – do we have to be escorted again from Tomorrowland Terrace? Most importantly, if we’re going to be at the castle early enough to watch the stage show, do we really need the dessert party for good firework viewing? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

I’ve never done it but I’ll give this a bump since it’s getting pushed down the page.

I think I’ve read you can come and go between the party and the viewing area, but don’t take my word for it.

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