HEA Dessert and Crowd Predictions

I’ve been busy since my ADR day and have been in and out of the forums. I somehow missed an email from TP that the crowd predictions have changed for my November dates. I have a HEA Dessert (before) party booked for Tuesday during Jersey week. I thought it would be less crowded than the Veteran’s Day weekend. The new crowd prediction is saying Tuesday to be a 9 and Sunday to be an 8.

Should I change my dessert party from Tuesday to Sunday? If it makes a difference, Sunday is our last day so it would be a nice way to end the week. I would have to change our dinner plans though.


Nobody wants to help me with this decision? :sob: :laughing:

I have a reservation finder in to switch my Sunday dinner to Tuesday. In a couple of days if that doesn’t work, I’ll buy tickets for a dessert party for Sunday and then cancel one when everything is settled, hopefully within a couple of weeks.

Basically, I’m switching my dessert party days due to crowd prediction and because I think it’ll be fun to end the vacation with the dessert party. Especially since we are kicking off the parks with a EMM!

I wouldn’t change due to the crowd calendar. The difference between an 8 and a 9 is somewhat negligible, particularly for a dessert party, and is within the margin of error for predictions.

I think it comes down to your choice of do you want end your vacation with a dessert party? Will that final night and view of HEA be an “iconic” way to finish your vacation? Or are you worried on the last night everyone will be exhausted and your group not up for staying up late to see HEA? Or be irritable being forced to be there since you pre-paid for the party?

I don’t know the makeup of your group to judge which of those cases is most likely. From the perspective of MY group we can usually rally for one final night time event as we can collapse on the plane the next day so ending with the dessert party and a night at MK is appealing, but you need to figure out what’s likely for your group and what would be best. It also depends if your ADR is an easy to change one or one you’ll have to sacrifice due to a late change…

See, this is what I needed, a voice of reason. Thank you for your input @Damavs!

So it is DH, I, DS12 & DD9. This is our first family trip to WDW! We are going for 6 days/7 nights, staying at CR. I first booked the HEA dessert party on Tuesday because I figured we would be so excited and have the energy for our first full day. I’m not sure how we will be feeling by the end of the week. I could very well crash as I have chronic fatigue.

I think I’ll keep the plans as is. If we are up for fireworks on last night we can watch them somewhere in the park or on the 4th floor at CR.

Thanks for walking me through this!

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I also don’t want all my character meals to be right after the other. We are eating at CM on Monday night. Yeah, I’ll keep my plan as they are. :slight_smile:

Glad I could be of some help. Have a great trip - should be a magical time…

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