I know Hoop Dee Doo Revue is superior to Spirit of Aloha, but if we’ve already done HDDR once, would you advise a second trip to see it AGAIN (which we have already booked) or switch to the lesser-loved SoA? This would be our dinner on Christmas Eve. Kids ages: 2, 11, 14, 17

I have not been to SoA, but I’ve been active on Lines and the forums 3 or 4 years now, and I have never read a “good” review of SoA, but I have read many “bad” reviews of it. I’ll be interested to see if this thread draws out someone who actually liked it…

I have only heard reviews for HDDR no SoA. Anyone, we would love to hear.

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@bswan26, I haven’t seen anything good about it either. I just wondered if it was so bad that repeating HDDR is still better than SoA lol. It’s Christmas Eve, so I do not want to take any chances. :smile:

If you are doing Christmas Eve I recommend a repeat of HDDR (even though I have yet to see it :open_mouth: ). I would not chance something that has not seen a lot of liner love on such a big day.

Reading kids ages, yes do HDDR again.

@Jedilogray, you’re probably right. HDDR was our kids’ first choice for the whole trip. I’ll leave it the way it is and try SoA on a trip with less importance! You should really try to see the show!

I did the SoA show last spring break. It wasn’t as much fun as HDDR, but it wasn’t awful. The show is a hokey, sort of 50’s style show about dance styles from the Pacific region. It is obviously a made up story line about a dance school as an excuse to show the dance styles. There is a lot of audience participation that makes it a little more fun. The cast was very friendly. However, the fire dancer at the end is incredible. It is probably worth seeing the rest of the show to see him. My 9 year old liked it. However, he didn’t giggle nearly as much as he did at HDDR. It is a beautiful venue and everyone gets leis…(it probably helped that we had gorgeous weather…it is outside). It is a small venue so it feels a little more personal. I can’t give much love to the food. None of us really liked it very much. Younger children would probably like the food at HDDDR much better - less exotic. The chicken and ribs at HDDR are superior to the ones at SoA. Having done both, I can say that HDDR review is superior, but we did enjoy having a new experience.


I would agree with @gregmelaid. If you like corny you will like it. It is not as good as HDDR. I would stick with HDDR because of your kiddos requesting it and that you are doing it on Christmas eve. If you get a chance sometime definitely go to it. The food was okay not the best but it was a fun change for us.

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I have to agree. @gregmelaid’s reply is spot-on.

I have only done HDDR and not SOA but if I had the choice for a Christmas Eve dinner I would book HDDR again in a heartbeat!

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Go with the tried and true, especially for Christmas Eve. I have only tried HDDR of the two, but I would like to do it again and again. Unless you are locals who can go any time, I think HDDR is the way to go.

Thanks, everyone. We are definitely staying with HDDR. I appreciate your help! :smiley:

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