HDDR vs. MM + CP updated: CP vs. Chef Mickeys?

Help! I have ADR analysis paralysis. Going in Sept with DH & DDs 7,5,3, we have the free dining offer. After fiddling with ADRs 800 million times I'm considering changing again because I really do think my girls would love HDDR. What I'm considering giving up is the F! package at MM and dinner at CP. My kids love Winnie the Pooh but we have 3 days in MK, so I'm thinking they can just meet Tigger/Pooh in the park. I like having a guaranteed spot for F! but we're going early Sep (our HS park date is 9/9) so I probably don't need to worry too much about getting seats for Fantasmic, do I? I think it would work well to do HDDR because our last day in WDW is at MK and it's MNSSHP and we are NOT going to it. So I thought we spend the day at MK, leave around 5 to take the boat over to FW, do the HDDR, then head back to MK to grab the bus back to BC. Fun last night in the World, right?


P.S. My girls love theater and performing and tomfoolery and the oldest would LOVE to be singled out to perform/join in.

Both sound like great plans! The HDDR on your last night sounds like a lot of fun, and it might be something you wouldn't splurge for without free dining. On the other hand, CP and F! package are both in the parks. Using your credits in the parks is more efficient and you'll get better value for your money doing 2 full meals instead of using them for HDDR. You can't go wrong with either plan! I'm just throwing out details and ideas that might shed different light on the options. I'll be interested to hear what you choose.

CP seems to be the only place to meet piglet and eeyore, so if that is important to your girls, I would keep that reservation. Other than that, I would probably lean toward HDDR - such a fun experience and we thought it was well worth 2 credits. Of course, DH was chosen to be the Indian Brave, so the whole experience was priceless for our family! 😄 It's also tricky/time-consuming to get to HDDR, and you have a solid plan and plenty of time it seems. CP is available for every meal, so it can easily be added to a future trip. You should have no trouble getting decent seats for F! In early September.

Keep us posted on your decision!

CP vs. Chef Mickeys? There are so many places and times to meet Mickey & the Gang that maybe I should drop my Chef Mickey's ADR and pick up CP instead? Character interactions aside, is the food better at CP than Chef Mickey's? Why do I do this to myself?????

The buffet is smaller at cp than cm, but just as good if I remember correctly. With big pooh fans, I would do cp. plenty of opportunities to meet the fab 5. Silly Pete's side show is very, very cool. I found those interactions were much better. At cm, it was just a photo op.