HDDR + res finder?

Just snagged an ADR for AP! Yippee! That night we had booked Category 1 for HDDR so I switched that show to another night but only Cat 2 and 3 were still available. Is there a way to look for cancellations for Category 1? Or is Category 2 just fine? We sat in Cat 3 last trip over on the sides and I didn’t care for our view too much.

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We’ve been in 2 before and it was just fine. Don’t know that I would want to sit in 3 though

I had Cat 1 seats last October and they were floor seats but not all that close to the stage. I know many of the players come off the stage and circle through the audience. I agree though that I would not want Cat 3 as I believe that is the side balconies.