HDDR on arrival day, need some help with transportation and travel times

Hello Liners,

We are staying at BWI in May, we have never stayed there before. Our first day we arrive in MCO at 10am. I assume we will be to the resort between 12 and 1. If it’s nice we’d like to have some time at the pool, but if it’s rainy I thought we’d go to Epcot and check out the aquarium and I was thinking of making a Soarin FP for that afternoon.

We are seeing the 6:15 show at HDDR. How should we get there? Minnie Van? Can I book this in advance earlier in the day? Where should we have the Minnie Van pick us up? My husband wants to try the monorail or some combination of skyliner and bus (he loves using Disney transportation), but I’m afraid that would be a really long trip.

Can you give me an idea of when we would need to leave for our reservation for each of the transportation options - it will help us to make a decision.

Thank you

Minivan, straight to Pioneer Hall, 1 hour.
Regular Lyft, to Ft Wilderness Outpost, then internal bus to Pioneer Hall, 1 hour 20.
Bus, to MK, then walk to Resort Launch dock, boat to Pioneer Hall, 1 hour 40.

If everything goes well, each of these will leave you with 30 minutes to explore the Ft Wilderness Settlement, around Pioneer Hall.

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Awesome, thank you!

If you are going to EPCOT, looking to do interesting transportation and staying at BWI, and given that you are committing to a long time on transportation anyway, why not make it fun?

BWI, boat to International Gateway, wander through EPCOT, monorail to MK, ferry boat to FW. I would tend to allow 2h for the end-to-end experience - 30m less if you are happy to go direct from EPCOT and can finish near the front.

Spending time at MK instead and going direct from there may also be an option. Regardless, the ferry boat is a nice way to get there, far more so than a bus if you can spare the time.

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