HDDR layoffs

I guess this is the night

Oh my God

Nooooo :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I literally can’t even. We rebooked our trip (again) to May 2021, and I hope against hope that this is back by then. My kids love HDDR and it was going to be one of the must do highlights of our trip especially since DH is joining this time.

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I posted this in another thread about the layoffs in general, but worth saying again.

If a show, parade, musical act isn’t on in the parks right now, the performers and technical crew behind them have gone. Plus most of the CMs who were characters for meet & greets and handlers. The vast majority of the performers are part time with 2 or 3 decades of service.

The technical CMs left are mainly ride maintenance and those working on Harmonius.

So before any show or parade can return, Disney will need to recall or rehire.


Do you think this:

Is due to the technical side?

Are you reading on your other boards anything about Voices of Liberty? Dirk posted on MouseOwners a rumor that they are gone after the holiday. There is no tech crew for them?

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Would have been easier for them to just say that all performers are gone except the few that remain. Less clicks that way I guess.


This makes me sad. I had heard how funny this was, and was disappointed we never got around to seeing it last year. Next year this was going to be a “must-do” for our family. :frowning_face:

I haven’t heard specifically, but I do think that once the Holidays are over both VoL and the Dapper Dans, plus Mariachi Cobre are probably at risk too.

I think the Laugh Floor is maybe more to do with it being difficult to re-open; even if you space out the audience there’s the “roving” mic operated by CMs amongst the audience which is an issue.

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We rescheduled our May 2020 to May 2021 and HDDR is a must-do for us. I’m willing to reschedule to May 2022 if that’s what it takes.

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