HDDR back to BLT

If we do the 6:15 show, do you think we can make it back to the contemporary/BLT to watch HEA. Right now starts at 9:00. It’s our arrival day, so the 4:00 show is cutting it close to us getting there. Plus it would be nice if we could check in and get settled before heading over. If not, I guess we’ll just watch them from the dock at WL? We do have a car so we could drive, but I hear that takes a while to as you have to park and then take a bus. Any other options? WWYD expert liners?

Just to clarify, HDDR is at Fort Wilderness not Wilderness Lodge.
You should have no problem making it back to the Contemporary before 9:00 if you leave right after the show is done at 8:15 ish.

The boat dock at FW is like 200 yards from HDDR and there are two small boats that do nothing but make a loop on the 3 bay lake resorts (Contemporary, Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge).

We stayed at Fort Wilderness a couple weeks ago and the wait time for boats was seldom very long. We also caught HEA from the beach at FW and its ok but not great because your view is partially blocked by the island in Bay Lake. They did have the music playing on the beach but I’d try to get back to the contemporary area to watch if you can.


Thank you, I get all my those resorts mixed up and use them interchangeably. I don’t know why I can’t keep them straight. Thanks, I’ll keep the 6:15 dinner!