HBD Lounge

I want to have lunch here in Nov. My PTP has me arriving at 11:15am. How long of a wait do you think I’ll have? Also, my traveling companions are two older kids. Would the lounge or inside TS work best, when we just want a quick bite and to share plates? Are kids allowed at the outdoor tables?

Yes Kids can sit at the outdoor tables. There is also an inside area to the lounge too. When in Nov? At that time, if it’s early Nov you might not have a wait at all. Around Thanksgiving I have no idea. I went around 11:30 in March (?? I think) and didn’t wait.

I keep going back and forth between the same two options. I’m keeping my ADR for now, but if @MDU and @BGK decide to meet me for lunch, then I’ll probably cancel it and eat in the lounge.

1st week of November. Thanks, ma’am! Looking forward to the martini flight and being able to try the delicious bites without having to sit through a long meal with giant plates of food. (Will not do the martini flight on the same day I hit the RD RNRC beer cart, thanks for that tip, too!)

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We were there this weekend, and I was bummed that they wouldn’t let me order one of the lounge food items inside, even though DH was eating off regular menu. If it hadn’t been so stinkin hot, I would’ve rather eaten outside. November is a perfect time for that. The lounge didn’t open until 12 the day we were there. I was surprised, I recall eating at around 11 another time.

I’m doing HS on my departure day - Friday Nov 7. I think there’s a big group of Liners arriving that day. I won’t overlap with most, but a few might arrive early enough for a drink Friday afternoon. I hope they do! It would be fun to take part in the pre-party shenanigans.

Looks like some days it opens at 11a, others at 12p. Plot twist: DS wants to eat inside because the gourmet burger is bigger there HAHAHA …the best-made plans…after that big meal, there’s no way any of us will want to eat around the WS during F&W. :frowning:

@SallyEppcot I hope you get to meet up with them too.

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