HBD Lounge walk-ups?


Can you typically walk up anytime and get a table for 4-6 people in the lounge at HBD without a reservation?

On our HS day this upcoming trip we will be there from open to close. We already have a lunch reservation at SciFi, but I am thinking that sitting on the patio with a few light things to snack on in the late afternoon/early evening might be nice.

Also curious…are there age restrictions on lounges at WDW? I suspect my teens might want to go off on their own during this time, but they might want to sit with us for a bit if allowed.


They will be fine to sit with you, there are age restrictions at a couple of places but not in parks. As far as I know it’s walk ups only but I don’t know how big it is, you may need to wait for a table if it’s a busy time.


You can’t reserve a table at the lounges, walk-ups only.

I would think if you go out of obvious peak lunch times your chances will be good if you’re prepared to wait.


OK, thanks. We will likely just see how busy it is at the time and make a decision then.


While there are no age-restrictions, I would take note of how busy it is when you’re there. If there are people waiting and you’re taking up a table for 4 because the kids “might” come or were there but ran off, IMHO that’s not really a good look. If it’s busy, I’d probably see if they wanted to sit the whole time you were there or not at all so you’d only have to wait for and take up a 2-top if they don’t want to be there.


Our family tried to go last fall (week after Thanksgiving) at 2pm & it was totally full & were quoted 45 min wait to be seated.


Definitely. We’d be a party of 4 adults at minimum. Kids would make 6. I agree though. They’d either need to be with us the whole time or not at all.


Ok, sounds like it may be a longer wait than we want as well. We will just see if we get lucky on that day. If not, no big deal.


Labor day weekend we easily got a table at the lounge. It was never full but this was around 4:00.