HBD + F! Or CG

Curious for dinner? Staying at CR so IF we see all night shows in the first 3 days of the week & we want and take a quiet night “at home” to enjoy FW from lounge, or should we spend the 2TS to take a longer break mid-day and still keep F! @ HBD, FP earlier in week? Of course this may be weather dependent since it isn’t until first week December. Thx!

Can you book both and wait until after your first night to decide? I know I am in the minority but ai prefer HBD for food. You will use 2 credits for either choice but HBD will include an appetizer for each person.

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I did :grinning: It is really more situational at this time

Good to know though thx! We have seafood & pork allergies that limit the bill but menu looks good otherwise

We loved Hollywood brown Derby. We’ve been twice now. The booth tables are better than sitting on the floor tables so of you do go there request a booth table when you book

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Thank you!

Well unfortunately no apps any more with F!. But if I book a reservation at 6:15 do you think we are fine to get to an F! show at 8:30. Seems like plenty of time?!

I think the package still includes apps through the rest of this year . Two hours should be enough time. They won’t let you book the package if they do not think it is enough time.

I didn’t book the package, they close those earlier ,NLT than 5pm I believe, just made a regular reservation but will keep an eye if they do F! package that late. Thx

Without the package seating I do not think you will have enough time to get into Fantasmic in December. The stand by line will be at least an hour long.

Thank you I rebooked for 5:15 regular HBD and have the F! package at 4:05 pm, they only go as late as 4:30 PM For F! package. So I’ll just figure if I want an early dinner with package or closer to regular dinner time. Thanks for the feedback!

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