Having pre-trip gitters!

We leave tomorrow afternoon for the World! I’m so excited, but so nervous I’ve missed something major. The thing that keep replaying is-what time to aim for getting to each park for RD. We have FPs for all the major rides, so no issues there. How much before park open would you aim to arrive? 45 minutes? What if you have 8:30 breakfast ADRs (one at BOG, one at GG)?

Thanks for everyone’s help during this exciting planning period! I cannot wait for this trip and how magical it’s going to be thanks to all my planning which you all helped so much with!


We’ll be there too! Based on what it was like in Feb, we’re planning on getting there 45-60 minutes before RD. Crowds will be pretty high because of Spring Break.

For the PPO breakfasts, they let people in starting at around 7:45 am at EP and MK (assuming a 9:00 am park opening time). With an 8:30 PPO ADR they probably would let you in at that time. Even with an 8:30 ADR, I’d try to go straight to BOG and GG and try to get the first seating if your intention is to make RD. We had no problem doing just that with an 8:20 BOG ADR.

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Yes. I’m sure you have. :wink:

Fortunately, you’ll adjust and have a great time anyhow!

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Yes! This! I always for get something and that’s ok! Forgot to do my childhood favorite attraction last trip :joy:. Oops we will be back!

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We’ll be there too–arrive tomorrow am! Crowds look higher than predicted this week. Hope we all have a magical trip.


My motto when traveling has always been “There is nothing a phone and a credit card can’t handle.”

Stuff will happen, you just have to be ready to roll with it. Just having done the planning at all, you’re ahead of the game, and you’ll be better prepared to change course if needed. Enjoy!


Try not to over plan and stress. I have seen people appear to hyperventilate because they were off their TP times…Just remember to have a good time, try to chill, and realize things unexpected are going to happen…WDW is for fun!

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We’ll be there too! We’re leaving tomorrow as well.

We’re only RDing one day (Saturday at MK), and since it’s opening at 8am, I’m aiming for us to leave the Dolphin by 7am. Hopefully that’ll work for us, but we’ll see! Surely you’ve done a ton of reading on these forums, so I’d bet you’re well prepared. I’m treating this trip as a leisurely stroll through a very happy place – we’re not trying to do everything, only the things we know we love. The only thing you shouldn’t forget is to stop and smell the roses. Don’t forget to look around and take it all in!

Report back on how your trip is going / how it went!


Lol, it looks like we must be on the same wavelength here. I remember the thread about our Disney addiction. Well, have a great trip! It’s raining and cold here in the mid-Atlantic. Can’t wait for a long weekend of 70 degree temps!

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I am SO READY to not feel cold and sad. Give me all the 70 degree weather and sunshine please and thank you! Fingers crossed the weather down there holds out – have a great trip! (If you see a bespectacled blonde wearing Mickey ears, accompanied by a grouchy-looking older dude, that’s us!)


We are doing MK Saturday too! If you see a family Disneybounding the Tangled characters, that’s us! We’ll be ropedropping the princesses

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You are going to have a great time!

To answer your question - I like to be at the bus stop 60 minutes before I need to be at my next location. This typically gets us to the park for RD, but not front of the crowd - which is fine with us!

I like @Pod approach - phone and credit card! I’m going to use this work through my own traveling anxiety next trip!

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