Have you got a "Multi-Experience" pass when a G+ ride was down during your return time?

If so, what park, what was the ride that was down, and what was the ride that you went on instead?

I’m working with the WSJ on an article about this, and they’d like some real-world experiences.

Also, if downtime really affected your trip, let me know.


My last trip in December as adults only, so me and DH with 2 days of park tickets and the Xmas Bash. We had only planned one half day morning for Hollywood Studios. We did everything right and rope dropped Rise of the Resistance. We were probably 15 or 20th in line. And of course it was down that morning. That was the most excruciating wait of my (many) WDW trips. We had obviously already waited at the taps and the EE minutes ticked away in front of my eyes and we finally bailed for a TSMM Lightning Lane around 9:20. CMs couldn’t or wouldn’t say when it would be back up. I’m still angry that we wasted over an hour and a half and didn’t get to ride. I do not think I am alone in this experience at all.


Perfect - thank you. If you don’t mind talking to a reporter, can you DM me your email address? And thanks again!


Oh look, a use for my compulsive need to track our rides and G+ bookings in a doc on my phone…

On our last trip we had this happen a few times. At Hollywood Studios our Toy Story Mania G+ turned anytime and we considered using the anytime on Smuggler’s Run but my daughter wanted to use it on Star Tours, which was a walk on so we didn’t need G+ but it was her choice so we used it. Toy Story Mania came immediately back online and I was able to then grab another reservation for that ride. The next day at Magic Kingdom we had reservations for both Big Thunder and Space Mountain become anytimes, we used the Big Thunder reservation for Splash, and ended up waiting on Space Mountain to open up so we used the anytime on that ride later after our window would have expired. Something to note - the Big Thunder anytime was NOT able to be used on Space Mountain, it was one of the excluded rides, I thought that was interesting and assume it’s related to the original plan for Space to be an ILL.


I realize this is easier to explain if I start by saying I had two park days. The first day was Epcot followed by Hollywood Studios and the second say was Animal Kingdom followed by Magic Kingdom.

At Epcot we had a 9:00 LL for Test Track and a 10:00 ILL for Gaurdians. We tapped into Test Track around 9:30 and almost immediately after we merged in line, the ride went down. It was down for about 30 minutes and never converted to an anytime. Eventually we were able to ride, but I was glad I had booked my ILL for slightly later than I originally planned.

Later that day at HS, we had the exact same thing happen on RNRC. Used our LL, merged, and the ride went down. Again it never converted to anything amd we waited about 20 mins for it to come back up. Later that night, Millennium Falcon went down at 8:00 when we had an 8:30 Lightning Lane. It converted to an anytime for all 4 parks for the next day. Thay was a bummer because we didn’t get to ride it.

The next day I tried to use the anytime on Expidition Everest and also Peter Pan, but they were both excluded. I should have read the fine print! This wasn’t a big deal because we had already riddem both at the point I tried to use it.

At Magic Kingdom I had a 9:30 Splash Mountain and around 8:30 I got an alert that the ride was down for the night. It turned into any anytime for use at 9:30 - which I have never seen a time specific “anytime” before. So we weren’t able to ride Splash on this trip. However, we had been able.to book the LLs we wanted at Magic Kingdom so I think in the end we used those two anytimes on the Flying Carpets and Small World just to get rid of them at the end of the night.

Its a great point to note - I think this is why my MFSR couldn’t be used on EE. The four rides that were supposed to be paid ILL seem to not be included in the anytimes.

I expected it to be an issue, but it only happened once. We had 4 days, one at each park, getting 6-11 LL’s each day, and the only ride ever down was Dinosaur. We had already gotten LL’s for everything else, so we simply waited and got lucky that it was back up an hour later and we could ride.

Happened a few times this week.

Frozen LL- Just about to board. They emptied everyone off the boats before finally saying it was down and made us wait until the queue was cleared before finally letting us out and giving us the MEP. We returned later to ride Frozen. As the other options are just the Tier 2 rides - that had immediate LL return times.

Aerosmith LL - Had just entered the building, shortly thereafter theysaid there were delays - after the Frozen experience we were not sticking around so asked for a replacement LL and went to Toy Story Mania.

Winnie the Pooh - we were just about to tap in for LL - they told us it was down. It never got replaced with a MEP (this was Friday when they had all the technical difficulties) when it was passed it’s time, I selected Splash. Randomly that flipped to a MEP even though it was not down, so we re-selected a Splash LL, used the MEP on BTMR and returned later to Pooh and it turned green even though we were a couple hours passed the LL time.

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The one thing my niece was looking forward to the most for our Disney trip was “riding Everest until they kick us out” on our last night, which was her birthday. Not only did the bus take 42 minutes to arrive at GF to get us there, but when we finally got to AK and got to the front of the line (we used LL) at about 6:15pm they decided to stop the ride to transfer a train off and then there was an issue with the transfer track so they shut the whole ride down at about 6:30pm. They scanned our bands, and told us it would expire the next day (since the park was closing), but we were leaving for Universal the next day.

We got three anytime Lightning Lanes over our week at WDW.

The first was for TSMM which went down just before we were going to use it for our last ride before heading to Epcot for dinner. We had already ridden most of the rides it was valid for and really needed to leave the park shortly so we used it on Star Tours on our way out.

The second was for Test Track at park opening. Since it wasn’t valid for Remy or Frozen Ever After and all of the rides it was good for had quick return times available we just used it to ride Test Track when it came back online about half an hour later.

For the third we arrived at Expedition Everest just as it was starting up again after a stoppage. We used our LL for it and only realized afterwards that we had a notification converting it to an anytime pass.

I had a November 2021 trip where my 5 year old had her heart set on riding Splash Mountain because she had heard me talk about it being one of my favorite rides. We were there Sun to Sat. I booked Splash LL in G+ on Tuesday, it went down. Converted, went on Tomorrowland Speedway instead because we had just finished our shakes at Auntie Gravity’s. Booked again Wednesday, twice. Went down, converted. I think we used them on Princesses, instead? We actually ended up with multiple unused “multi experience” passes that night, because I kept booking it every time it popped up all afternoon, only to have it go down again 10 minutes later. Finally, finally, on Thursday afternoon, I booked it, it stayed up, and we RAN through the rain in MK to make it and successfully rode. Thankfully, she loved it!

Links to the recaps in my trip report:
Tuesday attempt
Wednesday attempt
Thursday success!

We also had a Slinky Dog LL convert on us when it went down (luckily had ridden it on our first day in HS), and Dinosaur went down and converted on us on our AK day. I did notice that when the Splash ones converted, they did have a note that the Multiple Experience pass was not valid for Peter Pan, and when it happened with Dinosaur, it was not valid for Navi River Journey.

Overall, it was pretty frustrating. Our trip was really only saved by the fact that we were there long enough to have multiple days in the parks where we were really affected. And I have an irrational terror of Dinosaur, so good riddance there.


We had them several times, but we didn’t actually use them on another ride as such - we usually used the loophole to be able to book other LLs and ride them immediately. We definitely used one we got just before closing on MMRR on TOT the next day.

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This is probably long past useful, but we got them almost daily on an 8 day trip the first week of July.

It was a mix of the usual culprits - weather and just frequent downtime rides: EE, KRR, Splash Mtn, BTM, TT, and Rise. I know there were a couple of others but I’ve forgotten.

We had a lot of days in the parks so we rolled with it, even on the Animal Kingdom day when we had 2 anytime passes but really only wanted to ride Everest (still down) and had done everything else.

The only one that had a real impact was Rise. We had actually started the ride when it went down. Obviously we would not use that anytime pass for any other ride. There are no substitute goods. It completely threw our day to get back for it later, but we did ride it, and at least it happened in the morning.


Tangent: what happens when a ride goes down for non- Genie+ holders? Is there any customer service respite here, or are the plebians SOL?

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They can still give you an LL.


Yes, in January 2022 we got one for Dinosaur which pretty much immediately came back up so I booked another actual G+ for that again and then because we were tired we just used it unnecessarily on the only remaining attraction we had not experienced: ittbab. There was no line anyway so it was an actual waste but it was the last attraction of our day and since it wasn’t usable on FoP and EE was down at the time(long time refurbishment) there wasn’t much else we really wanted to use it on.

They can, and often do automatically depending where you are in the queue but we’ve had to ask a couple of times and they gave them to us.


We got one in Epcot for a Remi LL 5:30ish return time. It was only down for a half hour. I used the knowledge I gained from the BG1 thread and asked the cast member to move it to the next day. We used it as a golden ticket for PP, BTMRR, HM, JC, Pooh, and splash. It was perfect we actually rope dropped remi in the morning so we weren’t upset about losing the G+.


Is there a definition somewhere for this?

During our trip in June (8 park days) we had multi-experience pass several times:

  • Remy went down twice: the first day it was towards the envening and we asked guest relations to transfer it to the next day; used it in HS for RnRC
  • Second time Remy went down, but we were able to return and ride it later in a day with any time pass
  • On one of our HS days Mickie and Minnie went down, we used the pass on Toy Story Mania
  • RnRC went down one evening, converted to any time pass, but we were not able to use it - it was our last park day
  • Also BTMR went down due to rain, we stopped at guest relations on the way out and transferred it to next day, used at HS, do not remember which ride.

So, as you can see the downtime affected our trip quite a bit.