Have you ever been stuck on or evacuated from a Disney ride?

My family got stuck on the boat ride in Mexico in Epcot. We had to be pushed by a maintenance guy wearing waders to a spot where we could climb off the boat and use the emergency exit door. This door took us backstage and there were CMs there directing us how to get back on-stage and handed us paper fastpassess good for any ride in any park the rest of the day. We were stuck on there for a good 20-30 minutes before they got us off. Turns out an old lady fell getting on/off the boat at the platform and cut her leg.

I’m wondering if you all have any stories about being stuck or evacuated from a ride. What happened? What did you get to see that people don’t normally get to see? Tell us!

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When I was younger I got stuck on the Haunted Mansion in DL for like 20 minutes. Nothing terribly exciting, except I got to stare at a door trying to beat itself down for way, way longer than I should have (it was kinda cool to get to see all the details you usually miss, though)

We got stuck on the People Mover of all things last week for about 10-15 mins and got a free fast pass out of the deal - used it for Space Mountain - great trade off!

We got stuck for about 10-15 minutes toward the end of SplM last year, as the CMs were rescuing a duck that somehow got trapped near the exit.

We got stuck on Winnie the Pooh once. We waited about 15 min, then a CM came by and walked us to the exit. We were close to the end of the ride so we didn’t see anything exciting. They gave us an anytime FP.

We were stuck on It’s a Small World once for about 20 minutes…it felt like 2 hours.


When I was younger, we got stuck inside Space Mountain while riding the people mover. As a young child, this was AWESOME because they had turned on all the lights inside space mountain and I was able to see the whole track. This was before fastpass so we did not get any compensation.

There was another summer we got stuck on every ride in future land because the park was new and they had miscalculated energy consumption. To compensate for this, they had a rolling blackout schedule (they did not share the schedule) throughout Future World.


I haven’t been stuck on a ride, but back in the mid-70s I was in line for Space Mountain and we were in the building already. There was a stoppage and they had to turn on the lights. We got to see the whole track. It dispelled the mystery, but at the same time, it made me unafraid to ride it, as I realized it wasn’t some crazy thing where I was about to get my head chopped off. Definitely back in the days before youtube and nightvision cameras.

We had been in line for quite awhile and no one said the ride was closed, so around 15 minutes later, or a half hour??? they turned the lights off and started rides again. We made it on after quite a wait.

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We got stuck on Pirates for over an hour once. “Dead men tell no tales”… Got dragged out backwards finally and given the fastpass for any ride. Glad we weren’t under any time constraints. I can’t imaging saying, “let’s go on one last ride before leaving for the airport” and having that happen! I’ll never ride anything that I can get stuck on within half a day of my flight!


Funny you ask. We just got stuck on Tower of Terror last week! Right when the elevator doors open and the car is about to move out into the hallway, it got stuck and lights in the hallway kept flashing. It was creepy! Some of us thought that the ride operators were playing tricks on us. We all kind of sat there scared for a while, and finally a maintenance guy came and explained that a wheel on the car got stuck and tripped the safety switch. They brought a ladder and evacuated us down some back stairs. We got to get in another car and repeat the ride, but we were nervous!

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We also got stuck on It’s a Small World one time. Never again. Never, never again. We also got stuck on Radiator Springs Racing at DLR. It was very brief, and they let us take another ride after it was running again.

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Ha! Me too, on IASW many moons ago in 1989. I think this is why I am NOT sad that it will be closed for our visit in late August!

Also stuck on small world for 20 min. They did not shut off the music. Awful.

Dinosaur. I had confused dinosaur and the Ellen energy ride and took my daughter (5 at the time) on it. She cried, and the ride shut down 1/2 way through. The dinosaurs are 1/2 machine, 1/2 character and I tried to show her it wasn’t real but the 1/2 machine thing was very creepy and made the situation worse.

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That’s like some cruel torture they put you through! :smiley:


Upside down on sum of all thrills for almost 20 minutes. Had to wait for a maintenance guy to come over and and manually move us. the next year, same ride, same arm in sum of all thrills, we swiped the same card we used on the previous trip, locked up as soon as it left the platform.

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Sounds to me like you shouldn’t go on that again. :open_mouth:

Either that or our roller coaster design was too much for their system to handle. We did try again with another build, worked fine.

Got stuck on JC for about 10 - 15 minutes last fall. The boat in front of us broke down right before it got to the dock, and the CMs seemed completely at a loss as to what to do.

Got stuck in the DL POC one time and had to be evacuated. I was right next to the “singing donkey”. They turned off all of the sound, but left the AAs in motion; very weird seeing them move and hearing all of the clicking. Escorted through the backstage and out a door on the back side of the show building; had to walk all the way around the outside of the show building (and the park) to get back into the park main entrance. It was a long walk. I’ve been “stopped” many times on many rides, but that was the only time I was walked off of one.

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I was walked down from RnR about 3-4 years ago… it was my niece and her BFF’s first time on the ride!

I was also stuck in Small World for 20 minutes as a teenager. I can only conclude that it damaged a part of my brain :stuck_out_tongue: