Have you been able to get a morning Frozen Ever After FP+ at 60+1?

For my past trips a morning FEA has been a relatively challenging FP for the first couple days, but I have been following the Dibb website and to my surprise I keep seeing morning FEA availability at 60 days (and ofter earlier).

I’m fine tuning my plans (again) and I would ideally like a morning (anytime 11:30 am or earlier) FP+ for FEA at 60+1. Have you been able to get that?

I have not had a problem at all getting Frozen Fastpasses the last few trips. Even 30 days out you should be able to pick something up with a morning return time.


I got it at 60+1 for Christmas Day. That was a couple of years back, but it was even newer then.

It’s still possible because of the competition between TT, Soarin and FEA.

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I got a morning FEA FP at 30 days out for May.


I got a 10:30 FP for FEA at 30 days in January.


Frozen was available a couple or three weeks prior to Spring Break. You should have lots of choices at 60+

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