Have water view ressies at Carib. Beach, should I see if I can get a pirate room?

Hubby is retiring after 21 years in the Navy…worth putting that in my special request to see if we could get a pirate, water view room?
Are they cool? Hubby probably couldn’t care less, but my 9 year old would love it.

When we researched our stay at CBR we found people said the Pirate rooms were out of the way in regards to main areas.

Also the beds really got bad reviews - while cool pirate looking, they were supposed to be platforms with a thinner foam mattress.

Not sure if still the case, of course, but I’d make sure, no fun to have an uncomfortable bed on vacation!

We stayed in Aruba 51 just after regular rooms were refurbed and it was very nice, right near bridge to pool and food court.

Pirate rooms are wicked fah from everything else and for that reason get poor reviews. I would strongly weigh this. I think the strategy Disney was going for in making those so far is that the appeal of them might outweigh guest dissatisfaction otherwise. Not sure they were right.

I am not a picky traveller so warning ok?
But in defense of the pirate rooms, I LOVED THEM SO MUCH!!! The beds are good adult sized and oh so comfortable and the room is so much fun… just beware the steering wheel on the headboard, my brother smacked his head on it much to my amusement!!! :smiley:
Yes, we did get a room that was out in the boondocks but it was what I requested so I was very happy with it.
Go for it! So worth it!!!

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