Have reservations at Port Orleans French Quarter, but hotel is closed

I have a reservation for Port Orleans French Quarter for December, but the hotel appears to be closed. I know it’s 4 months from now and Disney could change their mind. I’m just wondering what will happen to my reservation. Will they make me switch? Will they switch it for me? Will I have to pay the cost difference? When will they tell me I have to switch? Will they give me an option to cancel if I don’t like their offer and it’s less than 30 days before?

I looked at priceline and there is an express deal for what I think is the Yacht Club for $20 more a night. Should I go for that or wait to see what Disney will do for me?

We had December reservations for POFQ. When I called the first time, the CM told me that at that moment, I would be moved to Coronado Springs standard view. If Coronado was full, then I would be given Caribbean Beach. I said that I wanted to talk to my daughter first and he said no problem. When I called back, a different CM told me that it would be Coronado. But, she offered me the option of Gran Destino Tower. Our rate was price protected to the bounce back offer that we had at POFQ.
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I doubt Port Orleans is going to reopen in 2020. As such, I suggest calling them up and saying, given that Port Orleans has no projected opening date, you want to know what options they are offering. Be careful not to suggest that you want to change, but that you want to know what they plan to change you to. They might give you choices. Point is that if you are trying to suggest where you want to stay, they can charge you the difference. But if they offer you some place that is more expensive from their end, they should keep the price you are already booked at.

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Update: 60 days before my reservation, Disney called me and moved me to Coronado Springs Preferred Room.

Instead of taking that, a friend of mine offered to sell me some DVC points so I will be at the Poly.

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