Have others noticed MB+ falling off?

I got mine and my niece’s way back in August, before our September trip. Mia’s fell off more than once, but mine was fine.

On our trip last month 6 out of the 11 of us started out with MB+, and after 3 days only mine remained. 2 of them fell off during different rides (RnR and Splash). The others fell off at different times in the parks.

By the end the 2 moms who bought them were not pleased that they lost them all when the family who just got the cheaper regular MB had theirs all stay on just fine. FWIW, Disney did not offer replacements for any of the lost bands, including the 2 that were lost on rides shortly after using them for LL entry. They wouldn’t even give regular MBs, and only offered cards.


That really sucks!

Ever since my first trip I have used BitBelts for my family and haven’t had any issues. We have both regular MB and MB+.




I have read here that they often fall off. I was too cheap to buy the BitBelts. I improvised with DD’s hair ties!:grimacing: We’ve never lost a MagicBand! We have 8 of them!

These are from last week. We bought them back home. :hugs:


I lost mine twice! Once during Living with the Land, I pointed something to my son and my MB+ flew off my wrist! It landed outside of the boat and I was able to catch it.

The second time, I lost it somewhere at the pool and my husband had to go back. The lifeguards had it.

I was so annoyed because those things are expensive.


We lost some MB1’s back in the day but the 2’s and the more + I have not had issues with…well once I lost a 2 just as I flushed the toilet so I guess the 2’s fell off too. That one went bye bye. So I probably just haven’t worn the + enough for it to join its predecessors.

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Etsy also has lots of cute solutions for “locking” the MB.


I have only ever lost one MB …and that was within 2 hours of first wearing it. I always make sure it’s snapped in solid.

I’ve fallen victim to purchasing Magic Bands because the designs are cute, but in reality they just aren’t functional for my needs. I have small wrists, so they fall off and I’ve also been known to forget them back in the room.

This little doohickey is the best thing ever. It’s retractable, so I never even have to take it off my backpack. I’m kicking myself for not purchasing them in every design (there were only a few) because once they released Magic Band+ they stopped selling them.


Is the at your comforter? I love the print!

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Mine has never ever fallen off.

My son’s falls off all the time.

I tend to wonder if he fidgets with it a lot, leading to it coming unclipped

We got a big pack of silicone sliders to keep them secure. I only use one with my most treasured MBs but he uses one all the time

Yes. Costco find.

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So you took off the band part and put it in a key ring?

Yep, exactly.

Since we all have some sort of smart watch, I was thinking of getting some of the things you can put the puck in and attach to your watch so you don’t have two different things to wear. I’ve seen some on Etsy, but does anyone have any favorites your can suggest?

Disney actually used to sell a watch that was a slider that went on your magic band… I bought one and didn’t like it because it got caught on things. I feel like it would be similar with adding a puck to my watchband,especially since the puck and holder would be bigger than the watch was.

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My DD wom’t wear things on her wrist and if she does they fall off because of the fidgeting. She has a super cute stitch magic keeper (the name of keyring things) that she LOVES. Tou can by them with the puck in. But they have not made them for MB+ yet :frowning:

Nice thing about having these on your backpack? She left hers at Disney Springs. They called us as we stepped off the bus at Poly, 1 minute after she realized she left her backpack.

We need MB+ versions.


I have a Halloween MB keeper… my friend bought it for me years ago. It’s on a retractable badge holder thingy, with a clip. I like it, but A. it’s a bat and the design itself is kinda pokey, and B. I’ve never actually had a problem with any of my MB of any flavor falling off.

I personally wouldn’t buy another MB+ anyway (and wouldn’t recommend them) just because the random buzzing all the time gets annoying, it’s a pain to have to charge it with the special charger, and it’s just not worth the extra cost. I was just wondering if this was a common issue with them or if it was specific to my sister and her friends’ families!

I bought one of the puck holders thinking I would attach it to my Fitbit band. It was extremely uncomfortable. I found wearing both the MB and the Fitbit to be far less annoying.