Have I overlooked anything important? First visit!

I feel like I’ve planned and spreadsheeted this trip to death. Especially for just 3 days.

The things on our TP are the only things we’re interested in. I know we’re missing some pretty popular things. But for what we are doing, will there be any unpleasant surprises for how things are structured? I’ve been fighting a lot with the plan scheduler, in terms of getting it to put things in the right order. Like it completely ignores our meal reservation times and puts them four hours away. So a little of that is approximate.

Also, is it worth doing a TP for Magic Kingdom after hours? I’m sort of guessing we’ll just try to do everything. Again, we’ve never been.

Two adults and a 7-year old boy.


Day 1: Future World

(Edited when I noticed there were two different urls. Thanks for the alert!)

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You need to tick the box to publish your plan. This then generates an url that you can copy and paste here.

Oh heck. I did but is that url not working?

Does day 2 work?

Day 2:Animal Kingdom

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Working now yes :blush: I’ll have a look later, but you’ll have probably had great advice already by then.

New URL works.

For your Epcot plan, you are starting your day a little later, but also ending early. I don’t see Soarin’. Any reason? It is definitely a highlight in FutureWorld worth waiting for. You might look into doing before/after Living with the Land, since they are in the same building.

Day 3: Future World

I didn’t try to incorporate all the Fine Arts Festival activities. We’ll be hitting a few.

For day 3 (World Showcase, not FutureWorld I see) your plan is a little disjointed. You start with 15 minutes at Mexico, but circle back to Mexico for the Three Caballeros, etc. It almost looks like you circle the lake twice. I’d try to order things better and then evaluate your plan (don’t optimize).

Your 7 yo may enjoy Agent P as you wander world showcase. There are adventures in Mexico, Germany, France, UK, China (and maybe others too). Each is about 30 minutes and you can really explore the pavilion that way.

I agree with this. If you have the time, I’d at least plan to do a couple of the adventures. We did China, Mexico, and France when we were there last. Kids (and I) had a lot of fun.

I would move JAMMitors to either before Mission Space or after in order to not backtrack. Otherwise, I think it looks good. No Soarin’?

That’s a long time waiting for KS! You couldn’t get a FPP for that?

You mention being late because of being at MK until 11 the night before, but scheduled a very early breakfast. That wouldn’t pan out for my peeps. YMMV.

I agree with @ryan1 about the disjointedness. Also, the IG entrance to epcot is near France and UK Pavilions. If you’re at BW for breakfast, you’ll want to walk or take boat to the IG and start off at France or UK. Probably start from France and go counterclockwise around full circle since you’re heading to LC at the end of the day. WS is HUGE! You really want to try to minimize walking back and forth between pavilions.

I scheduled a late breakfast. Maybe it’s not showing up properly. 8:00.

I’m really struggling with the order because the software keeps jumping me around the place. I’m not deliberately back tracking but it keeps getting away from me! So it’s really helpful to be told where I shouldn’t trust it.

Have to agree 8:00 would not be a late breakfast for me! :laughing: Also I saw you have a 3:00 FP for Lion King show listed at the top, but the plan has you going to the 4:00 show. Maybe if you can pick up a FP for the safari you could get to the earlier show?

Make a copy of your plan. On the new plan, change to going in via the IG entrance. Choose minimize walking, then optimize a couple of times. If it still has you all over the place, move things around in order and then press evaluate to see the updated times.

Oh! I’m with @jessk328. An 8 ADR is mighty early for me and my family, even if you are staying at that resort.

Everyone is different, though. Just remember that leaving MK at 11 may very well mean you’re back at your resort at 12 or more.

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