Have I got this right?

I’m sorry. We each carry our own burdens, and each one is a true weight and each must bear what he/she can.

For me, my burden is lifted by fighting for truth and honor


Mousematt, I’ve been on TP reading your posts for more than a year now and I really think that you would enjoy this vacation no matter what it turns out to become. You’ve been to both WDW and UR many times so it’s not a once in a lifetime, and your main goal is to take in the ambiance. Unless a true dealbreaker comes around you could enjoy a lot of things in Orlando.


Eh, could be worse

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Thanks. I’m sure you’re right.

But I have loud, very negative voices in my head and it’s hard to shut them up sometimes.


As I wrote on another thread, at one point this afternoon — after receiving an e-mail from Virgin Atlantic to announce they’re restarting flights to Orlando in July — I was pricing up a July / August vacation, which would have been in addition to the October one.

So I am, you know, crazy. It’s a substantial burden.

True. You could be on a nine hour flight while being forced to wear a mask.

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I know exactly what you mean about “loud, very negative voices in (your) head.” I’ve had this problem a lot lately too. My solution, because I’m a writer, is to start writing about the stuff that’s been bothering me. That’s helped a lot. Perhaps you could find a similar outlet.


I think that’s us? :wink:


Well, yes, but I meant like a creative outlet. It sounds kind of silly writing it down like that but it can be really wonderful.


Hi @Matt, I’m in the UK as well, so if you want a catch up, chat or even possibly a socially distant lemonade, let me know. Don’t suffer alone please.



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For Disney’s sake, I doubt that getting a park reservation will be a last minute/day of thing like virtual queue at SWGE. At Shanghai the reservations opened, I think, a week in advance. My guess is that in FL it’ll be a month or two. Not in the beginning, because we have just barely a month before they open on 7/11, but once they have their groove on, which they should by October. I’m in a holding pattern until August, which is 60 days before our Oct trip. By then the patterns will have emerged and I’ll be able to make a non-emotion driven decision on whether to go or not. All that to say, to reduce your anxiety over it, I don’t think the reservations will be a last minute thing. And also, check out www.thebloggess.com I think you’ll like her.


Hi @mousematt!

First, I understand that planning can be a great coping mechanism for a bunch of situations, that is how I ended up in this community. But if planning is not helping, it might be best to take a step back for a while.

I saw UOR’s mess of a virtual queueing system on opening day. By September, they will have fixed most bugs, and you will be able to judge if it is a system that works for you or not (the double booking thing was definitely a bug).

In September we will also know about WDW VQ and park reservation systems. I am betting that park reservations won’t be that hard to get (after a first-week craziness), mostly by reasons outlined in that DTB post.

It is also not impossible that your October flight ends up being cancelled, if demands falls enough they might reduce flight frequency. I am assuming there are no itinerary or date changes allowed as well?

A lot of things can change and there is a bunch of information to obtain, waiting might be the best option right now.

Maybe you could have fun researching closer-to-home options? I keep a spreadsheet of interesting European parks, my top 3 (to see, haven’t been yet) are Disneyland Paris, Europa Park and Phantasialand. If you want to start a thread to study any of these, I am onboard :smile: