Have FOP FP for tomorrow, need better time

What are the odds that tonight or even tomorrow I will get a better time for my FOP FP for 4? It’s at 7pm and I’d rather have it for earlier in the day.

Now that the time has arrived, I’m finding myself always on the site pressing enter and let’s face it, I have other things to do, so if there’s no hope… well, you know.


There is definitely hope. I would keep trying to modify throughout the day tomorrrow. Have you tried breaking it up and trying for 2 at a time instead of all 4 at once?

I haven’t, but mostly because I’m not willing to forego 2 of us doing it at the same time. Either we all stay late or none of us.

Do you think there’s a chance to get anything tonight? And how early should I start refreshing? So far, I’ve seen some Dinosaur and Navi come up, but not FOP.

I would probably just wait until tomorrow. The AK same day FPP drops are 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, and 5:01. I would really focus on 11:01 time and try to modify then. Don’t give up right away. I had them come up 10 minutes after the drop time. This worked for us on AK for FOP and HS for SDD. We did break our group up and did 2 or 3 people at a time.


Thanks. I’ll keep those in mind, then. I’ll be on our tour at 11am, but maybe I can slip in a check anyway.

Good luck!

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We did it twice! I never did get a better FP, and I didn’t see any drops at any time during the day, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Anyway, RD wasn’t too bad, but we were there much earlier than we thought we’d be (7:40am) and we were done FOP at 9:15… in time for a 45 min wait at Navi, lol.

Thanks for all your advice. :slight_smile:


I am glad things worked out for you! We never ended up riding Navi. I got a 4th FPP for it but I was able to modify it to FOP. Since I already knew I loved FOP and other people have told me there is nothing special about Navi, I was excited to grab it for a second ride. Once is not enough for FOP!

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We did enjoy Navi, but I guess it’s not for everyone. I would say it’s like a Pirates or Small World, as it’s a boat ride. The scenes are beautiful, but, yeah, given the choice of FOP, it’s a no-brainer.

I have to say, there was one heartbroken little girl with a large bow in her hair in front of us that was just a quarter of an inch too small. The family had hoped the bow would do the trick, but the CM just pushed it aside. So, if you have little ones, RDing Navi makes a lot of sense.

We’ve got three SDFP for FoP this trip. Only failed on one attempt. So I’d say the odds are good. Just set an alarm for the two minutes before the drops and get modifying your existing FP.
Navi was walk on at the end of every day if you’re staying late. Even in really busy days. It’s great to finish AK like that.


@SimonUK I’ve been thinking about your family! Hope this trip is a blast!!!

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yea…i like the idea of trying for a better time, but once there i dont want to spend a lot of time on my phone


We’re having a great time, thank you!
Will do a trip report when things get a bit quieter. Still got a week left at Disney before Universal and SeaWorld take over!


good to know

I tried at the appointed drop times and nothing came. There were no drops. We made the best of it.

I agree, @bethro23, I found having to always check my phone (with their stupid spotty wifi) to be a big distraction from my family and from the experience. I loved having the ability to do all that I could do, but I spent way too much time with my head in my phone. DH, who’s usually answering his own emails, even commented on how much time I was spending between the TP app, the WDW app and the darn settings, trying to get wifi.

For our AK day, I sucked it up and paid the $7 for roaming, but even so, I found I didn’t always have the service I’m used to having at home.

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SDFPs are only around for a minute or two so it’s not a problem. Better a few minutes on a phone than unnecessary hours in lines.


yea…wasn’t criticizing for being on phone…i just don’t have the patience. …hope it works for you

Glad to hear you’re having a great time! How many people are in your group? I’ve got a late FPP for FOP after we’ve rope dropped the park so would love to get it earlier in the afternoon for our group of 5…

5 of us too

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I never had any luck getting hard-to-get FP through refreshing when we were at the parks last week. I tried for FOP, Frozen (for two days!), and SDD and never once saw any of them come up. I must not have had the mojo!

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