Have any UK peeps used Minnie Vans?


I’m worried I’m not giving Disney enough of my money and with the price increase from $20 to $25 for Minnie Vans I feel the time is ripe to use one.

But I’ve read various complications online if you’re from the UK.

Has any UK person managed to get the whole thing to work?


I haven’t, but I can’t inagine what complications there would be that are specific to coming from the UK. As you know, we can use uber so I don’t see why we couldn’t use Lyft (which is what you use for the vans).


I’d read apparently out of date info about UK people not being able to download the app. I guess because Lyft wasn’t in the UK at the time.

I have downloaded the app no problem, so that’s all good.

Apparently you have to be staying at one of the listed hotels and you have to get them to validate the app in some way so that the Minnie Vans show up. I’m planning on using one to take me from the Contemporary (where I’m not staying) to Beach Club (where I am). Whether this will be allowable remains to be seen.


I think you can just go to the front desk and they give you a code to activate the Minnie vans on the app. I haven’t paid that much attention because there’s no way I will pay that amount. They don’t have a lot of vans available either, so you may not be able to get one when you need it.

I am putting a downer on everything today aren’t I?! Sorry!!


Yes. I’m cancelling my trip. You’ve taken all the magic out of Disney.

I’ve lost some deposit money, which I assume you’ll be refunding. Cash only, please.